The Electronic Cigarette religion is a simple way of life. Follow these rules for salvation:

1. You shall have no other means of smoking beyond the Electronic Cigarette
2. You shall not make for yourself a modification of your Electronic Cigarette–unless it is beneficial to your vaping
3. You shall not swear at your Electronic Cigarette because the battery ran out
4. Remember to vape on Sundays
5. Honor your father and your mother and your Electronic Cigarette
6. You shall not murder yourself with smoke
7. You shall not cheat on your Electronic Cigarette with tobacco cigarettes
8. You shall not steal other’s Electronic Cigarette.
9. You shall not lie about your Electronic Cigarette
10. You shall not covet your neighbor’s Electronic Cigarette

Start your own religion path with the electronic cigarette to find spiritual salvation. The Church of Electronic Cigarettes is about starting a religious movement towards vapor. Vapor is Holy. Those who do not follow the path of the Electronic Cigarette are doomed to spend eternity in Smoke.



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