6 thoughts on “Johnny Depp Vapes an Electronic Cigarette on “The Tourist”

  1. yes, I agree, he really did look very suave, and sexy, using the ecigarette in themovie, and I believe that is how smoking first got started, jsut to look cook, and grown up while puffing on the cigarettes, they did not know it could cause cancer, and also be fatal to their health, just to have fun, and look cook,
    but I think it wioll catch on as a fashion thing, once people get used to it, and they can use one, just for the fun of it, and also be accepted as “not a toy”, but people must only get the no nicotine ones,s thats all.
    If they smoke ecigarettes with nicotine, it willb e the same as cigarettes without the ashes! So, anyway, I will
    try it, but only the no nocitine ones, thats all, I do not smoke any cigarettes now, and only used to use them, as a streee reliever, occasionally, a long time ago, but
    then, the nicotine got me a little bit addicted, so, it was hard to stop, but now I stopped, but still want to puff on someothing, and also do the inhaling, and exhaling of smoke, so, the water vaope, should be harmless, and I want to try it, I hate the taste of tobacco, and also dont want to put any nocotine in my body, I think people will begin, to like it, and also will have to ask where they can be allowed to use it, in public places, since smoking is basically becoming illegal, and also monitored, as dirty, unhealthy, and nasty habit! Well, thats all, I am glad they did invent it,

  2. I smoked for over 50 yrs and tried seravel times to stop I finally did it 4yrs ago I went on NHS group therapy they give so much advice and you can have a choice of what to try it was the best thing I ever did

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