Organizations such as the AAP, ACS, AHA, American Legacy Foundation, ALA, AMA, ASH, FDA, Public Citizen and Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids have been fighting against the electronic cigarette in an attempt to remove it from the market until it is classified as a new drug and medical device under the control of the FDA and sold by pharmaceuticals. If this occurs, the hundreds of thousands of smokers who want to continue to smoke and use the e-cigarette as an alternative to their tobacco cigarettes would be left with only one choice to continue the smoking action; deadly tobacco cigarettes.

We encourage all users of electronic cigarettes and family and friends of users to sign this petition asking these public health organizations to reverse their stance on electronic cigarettes and support the use of e-cigarettes as a reduced harm option for committed smokers.

Tobacco cigarettes are the number 1 killer in the United States, yet they are legal and freely sold throughout the country. There is nothing more American than an alternative product competing freely on the open market against tobacco cigarettes. I can’t think of anything more against free enterprise than government agencies and public health organizations funded by other competing products (pharmaceutical NRTs) trying to protect the tobacco and pharmaceutical NRT market share through misinformation and scare tactics.

Sign the petition and let these organizations know that you believe in choice.

10 thoughts on “Public Health Organizations: Stop Fighting The E-Cigarette

  1. The E-Cigarette is a great way to help reduce secondhand smoke as well as help people who smoke live a healthier life. My 11 year old son likes the idea that I use it and even suggested it to me as an alternative to actual cigarettes.

  2. I’m from Canada and I just want to say, HOW DARE THE GOVERNMENT DECIDE WHAT’S GOOD FOR ME. IT’S BEEN PROVEN THAT E-CIGS ARE A MUCH SAFER ALTERNATIVE TO THE BILLION DOLLAR TOBACCO INDUSTRY WITH THERE 4000+ CHEMICALS THAT ADDICT US ALL. I KNOW THAT ALL THIS CRAP THE GOVERNMENT IN THE USA AND CANADA ARE REALLY WORRIED ABOUT IS THE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS THEY RECEIVE FROM CANCER CAUSING CIGARETTES IN WHICH THEY ALLOW BECAUSE OF WHY? IT’S THE F#$K%$G MONEY. IT’S NOT OUR HEALTH THEY HAVE CONCERNS ABOUT. WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP. THE E-CIG IS ALSO A WAY TO QUIT SMOKING AS THE mg’s of nicotine ranges from 18 mgs to 0 mgs. What a bunch of idiot’s. Also for all you damned health organizations, you’re just as much to blame as the government. How dare you decide what’s right for me as an individual. You and the governments don’t care if I live or die as long as the tobacco billion dollars keep coming in. Man I’m pissed. Go to HELL, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU.

  3. If you ask anyone who has switched to an ENI (electronic nicotine inhaler) if they feel healthier, you won’t find one that says no.
    The only regret i have ever heard from a fellow vaper is that they hadn’t tried it sooner.
    And isn’t health what this big old mess of a debate should be about?
    The FDA says that you can’t call them a smoking cessation because they were not tested by them as such. Well, i got news for ya, they have been tested by millions of people..and they work. But ok, you guys have won that small battle for now and companies are not telling people that they can quit smoking using an e cig. Instead, they give smokers a safer alternative. Cigarettes are the killer here. I am not going to go into the numbers of pro vaping and anti tobacco. We all know what they are. I am simply one more person that has dropped a terrible habit that was killing me who is asking…begging…pleading you to use some sense and reason with this issue.

  4. I actually didn’t buy e-cigs as a smoking cessation product. I intended and still intend to use them indefinitely. I enjoy them as much as I did my regular cigarettes but I feel better, don’t cough as much and don’t have that cigarette smell on my clothes like I used to. I don’t care what they call them, they’re great and I think they should continue to be legally sold everywhere as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes which we all know are quite unhealthy.

  5. I have been using a personal nicotine vaporizer for 2 months now. I wholeheartedly agree with all the above posts. I have signed this petition because I truly believe that e-cigs are the only reason I was able to quit tobacco cigarettes, and I can feel a tremendous difference in my health because of them. I have helped many other people find this petition to sign it, although, tonight when I tried to see how many signatures had been added since I signed, I found it had been removed from the above web address. I did manage to find it again on Just wanted to let everyone know where they could sign.

  6. I began smoking when i was 14 and have tried all of the typical remedies for Quitting. I am now 34 years old and am trying again. Typically it was the motion of the cigarette as well as the feeling of the smoke entering my lungs. Personally it has never been about taste for me as i think they have always tasted bad. Initially I have found that the E-cig that i am currently using took some time (Approximately 48 hours)getting used to. After witch I found it has so far been a great experience. I have cut down to 3 cigs a day from about a pack. so far so good right. I am definately going to keep going in hopes to soon be just a vape smoker. I have increased my lung capacity and i have relieved my lungs of a lot of long term abuse from the tar and toxins. I am experienceing none of the shortness of breath that I typically used to have and my kids are exstatic. I feel I live a much happier lifestyle with my E-Cig.

  7. Banning e-cigs should not be even considered by the states or the government! It’s stupid idea to ban them when they are still allowing regular cigarettes to be sold. Hello??? Why don’t these AGs/Government/FDA and other health companies get a clue… cigs and e-cigs contain the SAME thing… nicotine! If they ban e-cigs, then why don’t they ban cigs?

  8. This ruse regarding ecigs goes to show the government really doesn’t want smokers to quit. They make lots of tax dollars off of a smoker’s habit. My husband bought me an ecig kit last fall, because I’ve tried everything under the sun to quit. I’m a nervous person and I happen enjoy the smoking; not all the 4000 chemicals or carbon monoxide burning into my lungs. I enjoy smoking; the act of it. I began using the highest cartridges and now I’m on the lowest tar cartridge. I was not a heavy smoker, but I felt terrible and knew what it was doing to me. Now I enjoy the act of smoking w/out the fear. I agree; don’t sell to underage people!!! To me thats a given. But when in the SAM HELL are people going to mind their own dam business. They got smoking banned in most places. OK, the pleasure police won the battle, but now they want to control us still.

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