Below is the summary of the Technical Review and Analysis of FDA Report: “Evaluation of e-cigarettes”.

The review of the now infamous FDA report on electronic cigarettes was done by:

Janci Chunn Lindsay, Ph.D.
Exponent Health Sciences
Toxicology and Mechanistic Biology Division
10850 Richmond Ave. Suite 175
Houston, TX 77042
July 30, 2009

It was done on behalf of NJoy, who was one of the companies the FDA targeted with their testing. It is important to note that NJoy is also one of the companies currently in litigation with the FDA. The summary is below, but you can download the entire review of the FDA’s report on e-cigarettes in pdf here.


* The report failed to present standard protocols for proper study design with regards to
the testing of the referenced control device, documenting the number of samples tested
either within or across tests, or presenting statistical analyses when quantifiable results
were obtained.
* The chemical content of similar nicotine-containing FDA-approved products was not
completely described with respect to the presence of tobacco-specific nitrosamines
(TSNAs) and other tobacco-associated impurities that have also been found in nicotine
replacement therapy (NRT) devices at similar, if not higher, levels.
* In the lots that were tested by the FDA, none of the key chemicals of concern in this
study such as TSNAs and tobacco-associated impurities were able to be quantifiably
measured in the liquid of NJOY’s cartridges because they were all below the limits of
quantification (LOQ).
* All of the tobacco-associated impurities found in the NJOY products were “present
but at less than the level of the Nicotrol® inhaler [manufacturer] specification”
according to the FDA report.
* There is no indication in the published scientific literature that cotinine or β-nicotyrine
are carcinogenic or have toxicity ratings of concern. These were the only tobacco-
associated impurities found in trace levels in the vapor phase of (some of) NJOY’s
* The report does not reflect the actual dose of nicotine delivered to the user from the
“control” Nicotrol® inhaler device when used as recommended by the manufacturer
(6–16 cartridges/day or 24–64 mg of nicotine, 50 mcg/100 mL puff). By comparison,
NJOY devices delivered 46 mcg/100 mL in the highest-strength cartridge tested,
according to the FDA report.
* Data presented in the report does not adequately support the opinion that users of
NJOY products would actually be exposed to TSNAs and tobacco-specific impurities
in the vapor phase during normal device use; and if exposed, that those levels would be
a health concern as compared to other FDA-approved products.

3 thoughts on “Technical Review and Analysis of FDA Report: “Evaluation of e-cigarettes”

  1. The FDA is all about MONEY…they just want a reason to get their hands in the e-cig pie. It is a dirty game they play..How many things have been approved by the FDA and then it was later discovered that they are harmful or fatal to the consumer?!?!?!? ALOT!!!! Drugs that are rushed through trials and end up ruining peoples lives. FDA trying to ban herbal remedies that actually work just as good as the drugs that are made from them. WHY??? Because you cant patent a plant extract!!! So they cant get any money from it!!! E cigs is the same thing…its a big money symbol to them. And im sure the cigarette manufacturers are working against tem also because of loosing $$$$$$$. Where im from cuigarettes are almost $8 a pack, which $4 of that money goes to the state….Can someone say BIG MONEY!!! Why do you think the state gov’s want them banned??? NOT BECAUSE THEY CARE ABOUT US!!!!!!!! I love the e-cig! It is great! It has helped me kick the tobacco addiction. I am a physicians assistant and i see the horrible things that smoking does to people. Nicotine is the least of peoples worries when it comes to smoking. It can still cause its own health problems (high BP and CAD) but so can caffeine and other mild stimulants. Everyone needs to fight against these e-cig bans and protests to show we will not go silently into the night. We will fight! And by god we will VAPE!!!

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