Blu is one of the largest e-cigarette companies in the USA.  It was recently bought out by the large tobacco company, Loriad.  They also have partnered with Johnson Creek Smoke Juice to offer high quality, great tasting, American made e-liquid.  They offer free shipping on orders over $100 and always free ground shipping!  Here is what Blu says about their electronic cigarettes:

Blu Cigs offers the finest brand and undeniable value, with the highest traffic conversion rate in the industry!  Plus, blu is the ONLY e-cig that makes its liquid in the USA using 100% American ingredients.



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  1. I bought and used Blu ecig and love it ! Just recently I lost my job for using this product ! Our company is a tobacco free campus and I was fired for smoking on company property! They are denying my unemployment for using this product on company property! Is there anything I can do about it?

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