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If you smoke you need to try an electronic cigarette.  They have helped millions of smokers to enjoy the action of smoking without actually burning any tobacco.  There are many different models and brands of e-cigarettes available to suit different needs.  We have put together a list of some of the most popular and durable brands available.  Choose based on your wants and needs.  Or if you want to see a quick comparison view, visit our e-cigarette review page.

E-Cigarette Suppliers in Canada and The US

Newbies – if you want an e-cigarette that looks like a smoke

Green Smoke

Green Smoke is one of the most well know brands of electronic cigarettes.  They are generally considered to be for those just starting out with e-cigarettes, although I know long time vapers who still have and use them.  They are very easy to use and offer all the important accessories such as USB passthroughs and car lighter adapters.

Green Smoke Warranty: 1 year warranty.

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blu cigs starter kitBlu Cigs are arguably one of the biggest e-cigarette companies in the market.  They were recently purchased by a tobacco company, thus solidifying the e-cigarette as a great alternative to tobacco cigarettes.  Blu offers excellent starter kits. If you smoke and want to replace your cigarettes with an e-cig, give Blu a try.  They also have some cool charging packs.

Blu Cigs Warranty: 1 year

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Intermediate – still not into the larger more complex e-cigs, but like options

V2 Cigs Ultimate KitV2 Cigs is a very popular brand online.  They have reliable batteries as well as great options with cartridges in both full and empty as well as clear tank cartomizers.  They offer e-liquid in a variety of levels and flavors along with different accessories such as portable chargers.  Definitely a company to check out.

V2 Cigs Warranty: V2 Cigs has a very good warranty policy.  Provided you continue to purchase your e-liquid and cartridges from V2, the warranty on your e-cigarette is valid.

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Njoy Vaping KitsNjoy is one of the oldest brands of e-cigarette available and continues to avoid any type of buyout from “big tobacco”.  They have recently expanded their offering so they have a wide range of products for both newbies and more experience vapers.

Njoy Warranty: Njoy offers a 30 day money back guarantee on consumables (tanks, e-liquids) and a one year replacement warranty on chargers and batteries.

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Advanced – newest technology, longest lasting batteries, biggest vapor producers

vapor4life omg e-cigarette kit


Vapor4Life has some amazing products.  Although they seem to specialize in bigger electronic cigarettes and vaporizers, they do also have a good selection of units for vaping newbies. They have one of the largest selection of e-liquid flavors available and a great reputation.  Vapor4Life is a recommended stop for anyone interested in e-cigs…..period.

Vapor4Life Warranty: 30 days money back guarantee, 90 days warranty.

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DragonFly ECigs

Dragonfly ECigs is for the hard core vapers out there.  They carry some great models like the Joyetech eGo-T, the Apex Alpha UltraMax High Voltage Advanced Kit which is very heavy duty and produces massive vapor ($270), as well as Boge e-liquid and even the DSE line-up for beginners (DSE 901 kit for $34). Something for every e-smoker!

Dragonfly ECigs Warranty: 30 day warranty.

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For Vaping In The UK:

Green Smoke UK

E-Cigarette Direct



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