The E-8 Model E-Cigarette – aka the KR808-D1

The E-8 model is very similar to the E-9 but has slightly smaller threads (8mm).  It is one of the lightest and smallest e-cigarettes on the market.  If you want parts for an E-8 or the compatible KR808-D1, visit V2 Cigs.


The E-9 Style E-Cigarette Model – aka the KR808-D2

The KR808-D2 is a great electronic cigarette for those wanting a 2 piece e-cigarette (using cartomizers) that looks similar to a traditional tobacco cigarette. If you are looking for parts or cartridges for the E-9 style, visit Green Smoke USA or Green Smoke UK.


Model 510 and eGo Series E-Cigarettes

The 510 and eGo model e-cigarettes are some of the best.  The main manufacture is Joyetech which has a great reputation in the industry.  In Canada, you can get the Aurora E-Cigarette (compatible with the Joyetech 510) or the Joyetech eGo-T.  In the USA, visit Dragonfly Ecigs.


Other Resources

If you are looking for adapters to make different cartridges and cartomizers work with different batteries, visit V2 Cig Adapters.

For more information on e-cigarette model compatibility, visit the e-cigarette-wiki.

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