There are many individuals, corporations, and organizations that are against the electronic cigarette. Some are simply against the action of smoking, some are misinformed about the technology, and others have a vested interest in competing products.

For those who use electronic cigarettes or premium vapes, have a family member that now vapes instead of smokes, or just hate to see a good idea crushed by established industries, we encourage you to read below and participate where you can. If you live in a state with proposed anti – electronic cigarette legislation, write your Senators and Governor. If you care about the future of electronic cigarettes, comment to the FDA and sign the petitions.

A single letter, email or phone call is all it takes if everyone chips in.


1) The American Association of Public Health Physicians has submitted two petitions to the FDA asking them to make the electronic cigarette a reduced harm tobacco product and to retract their misleading statements. Submit Your Comments To The FDA.

2) If you live in Illinois, act now before your State Legislators eliminate electronic cigarettes from your state.
UPDATE: It appears this Bill has been killed. But if you live in Illinois, I don’t recommend letting your guard down.

3) If you live in New York, protect your right to continue using an electronic cigarette.
UPDATE: It appears the Bill in NY has been killed. But if you live in New York, beware that the Bill could resurface during the next session.

4) If you live in California, we ask that you once again write your elected officials in support of e-cigarettes.
UPDATE: This Bill has been modified to only ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. We support this. If you live in California, follow the Bill as it can be amended last minute.

5) Many public health organizations have been misguided and fighting against the electronic cigarette. Please sign the petition asking these public health organizations to reverse their stance on electronic cigarettes and support the use of e-cigarettes as a reduced harm option for committed smokers.

12 thoughts on “Fight For Your Right To Vape

  1. hi i want to be a representative helping spread the word on this amazing thing. I know i can convert the world all i need is the chance to help do so. ive already gotten over ten people to convert and i dont want to stop.. i am a smoker and people listen to me when i tell them to change me to save the world from real cigs..

  2. I want my partner to be able to get the E-Cig because I want her and many others I love to not inhale CARPET GLUE in addition to all the other harmful chemicals. GET off it FDA…its about MONEY and profits… not ppls HEALTH.

  3. I was a smoker for 10 years and grandma died from lung cancer from smoking. I have been using the ecig for over 2 months and it really has worked. THE ECIG HAS SAVED MY LIFE!

  4. First of all I can understand a bill to keep the e-cig away from minors. In my state of Washington one needs to be at least 18 yrs old to buy tobacco and it should be the same for e-cig smokers. However I am against an overall ban on e-cigarettes as a whole. I know that INSTEAD does not claim that their products helps to stop tobacco smoking but for me the INSTEAD product is helping me to quit all smoking. Eventually I will also quit e-cigs after I lose my cravings for tobacco, but even if I do quit puffing 100% I still will not badmouth e-cigarettes. E-Cigs are very benificial to the smoking world and in this day when tobacco smoke is such a public nuesence it is good to know that there is still a bit of freash air with e-cigs. I will do my best to educate the uneducated and to promote more business for INSTEAD E-Cigarettes by telling my friends about your product.

    Sincerly, Matthew Berkshire

    P.S. Just for the record, “I went from 35 cigarettes down to 6 cigarettes in less than four days with the INSTEAD e-cigarette.”

  5. if the rulers of our world keep on we will have to vote them out and start an electronic cig’ party instead as there are a lot of smokers out there. where’s my elec cig i need you now?

  6. Seems like every truckstop I pull into, somebody asks me about my e-cig and I can’t wait to tell them the facts. 35+ years of smoking two or three packs a day, I couldn’t walk around my truck without running out of breath. My truck and clothes all smelled like stale smoke. I was tired all the time from lack of air and was starting to develop sleep apnea. I could never quit smoking. Just the suggestion that I quit sent my blood pressure straight up. When I tried to quit, I couldn’t get past a couple of days. On the first day of October I bought an e-cig in a truckstop and thought I’d give it a try. I haven’t picked up a cigarette in over three months! My truck and clothes smell much better. My breathing has improved noticeably and other health problems have also improved. This e-cig has been a God send to me as well as a life saver, and I will continue to tell other drivers about it every chance I get.

  7. I am in my 3rd week of being completely tobacco free. As soon as my ecig arrived I threw away my tobacco and have not looked back. Quite honestly, you coould not pay me to return to smoking horrible smelling tobacco after using my ecig. My lung function has improved out of sight and I no longer get breathless or cough! I smoked for nearly 20 years and have tried patches, the nicabate inhaler, cold turkey etc. and nothing worked-I’d be back on the cigs within a few months as I was mostly craving the hand to mouth motion, not so much the nicotine. I now have 2 ecigs. One is nicotine free so I can wean myself slowly from the nic. This device has the potential to save so many lives. Like K.W. Ross, I too have become an ecig evangelist trying to convert smokers whenever I can. Its hard here in Australia because our government has banned ecigs containing nicotine. We can still import 3 months worth for personal use, but it takes time and money for shipping. Don’t ban the ecig! It works and saves lives!!!!

  8. I was a smoker for 34 years, and within one week I transitioned from cigarettes to e-cigarettes without any withdrawal, nightmares, or cross moments. My doctor told me that I could use this product for the rest of my life without any potential harm to myself or others around me. She wanted the website I use to purchase my products to give to her sister, said she would love for her sister to switch to e-cigarettes too. I was hospitalized for a week and was allowed to use my e-cigarette the whole time. How strange that the airlines won’t let you use them, but the hospitals will.

    This industry needs to do some big advertising like the cigarette companies did, so that we can educate the public and do away with all of the false issues that surround e-cigarettes. My doctor told me that they are no more harmful than caffeine. These e-cigarettes are one of the biggest blessings in my life and they are way cheaper than cigarettes. Bravo for the e-cigarette !!!
    Paula – from the detroit area

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