Electric cigarette is just another term used for what is more commonly known as the electronic cigarette.  Electric cigarette is also an apt name, as it uses a lithium ion battery to power a microchip that controls the atomizer, which in turn vaporizes the e-liquid to be inhaled by the “smoker”.  The battery is charged via a plug in charger or in your car with the optional car charger adapter.  You can now also recharge your electric cigarette battery through your computer with the USB electric cigarette charger.

No matter how your charge your electric cigarette, don’t be fooled by the name; it is the exact same device as an electronic cigarette.  It is worth noting that some older versions of the electric cigarette did use AAA rechargeable batteries rather than a lithium ion battery.

If you are not familiar with the electric cigarette (or electronic cigarette or e-cigarette) here is some reading:

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  1. 121adamp:Yeah alot of smokers seem to think why not jsut smoke nmaorl ciggs but theese are harm free i think if the could actually see what ciggs do to there lungs as the smoke goes down no one would smoke Ive quit 4 days now and i had one draw of a friends cigg but Im finding it very hard to quit Im thinking about getting those e-cigg things I think theyd really help

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