What is the Electronic Cigarette?

The Electronic Cigarette or electric cigarette or e-cigarette is a relatively simple piece of technology that creates vapor by slightly heating a mixture of proplyene glycol, glycerin, water, flavoring and nicotine (nicotine free e-liquid is available) until it vaporizes. This vapor acts much like tobacco smoke, allowing long time smokers an alternative that can be inhaled and exhaled like traditional smoking.

Parts of the electronic cigarette:

Electronic Cigarette Parts

Shown above from left to right is the mouthpiece (which contains the cartridge), the atomizer (sliver), and the battery (white). The atomizer screws into the battery and the mouthpiece slides onto the atomizer.

Please note some e-cigarettes use cartomizers, which combine the cartridge and atomizer into one mouthpiece.

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Video Showing the Electronic Cigarette:

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