Last week we managed to get our hands on the much-acclaimed PAX 3 dry herb vaporizer and boy were we in for a treat. We’ve waited a while now to get the chance to give this bad boy a go and it was well worth the wait. Amateur or expert the PAX 3 packs (pardon the pun) a mighty punch and will not disappoint. This beautiful specimen ticks the boxes at every level and we’re now going to break down for you exactly how and wow we loved this vaporizer so much.

Pax 3 Vape

Herb Compatibility

The PAX 3 comes with three different oven lids, two of which are for your dry herbs and one for your concentrates and E-liquids. The two dry herb oven lids allow either a full oven or a half oven, meaning that you can comfortably control the amount of product that you are using and can save time and money. The inclusion of the concentrates oven alongside the two dry herb ovens allows even greater control, customization and variety offered from this vape which we absolutely loved.

The Body and Design

The PAX 3 shares much of its design with the PAX 2 but we loved the PAX 2 so that’s nothing to complain about. What the PAX 3 does manage to do, is keep all of the best parts of the PAX 2 that we grew to love while adding and improving on the less impressive elements. The PAX 3’s glossy coat makes it a beautiful machine to look at and adds another layer of durability to an already strong and sturdy piece of kit. The size of the PAX 3 is perfect for portability, it is small and narrow, fitting comfortably into the pocket for discreet everyday carry.

Pax 3 Herb Vaporizer

Battery Life

The element of the PAX 3 that we were most impressed with, and had waited mostly patiently to check out, is that of the new 3500 mAh battery (an update from the PAX 2’s 3000 mah battery). This new battery adds roughly two extra sessions to the vaporizer’s lifespan, which in the world of vaping, is an absolute game changer. We found that a fully charged battery gave us around an hour and half of continuous vaping, which is way ahead of the vast majority of vaporizers out there on the market. Once we completely drained the battery, it took around 100 minutes to fully recharge, which isn’t the fastest time but neither is it particularly slow relative to the market. By far our favorite addition to the PAX 3 is that when your vape is running low on battery, you just shake the device and the LEDs show you how much time you have left, one light is low while four lights is fully charged.

Our Conclusion

We waited a long time to get our hands on the PAX 3 and we weren’t disappointed. The machine is advanced but simple to use, the battery is exceptional, the herb compatibility is extremely useful and visually the body is stunning. It’s not a cheap vaporizer, coming in at around $270, but for us, this device is worth any penny and a fantastic investment for any vape enthusiast.

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