The debate continues to rage on about the safety of electronic cigarettes against traditional tobacco. We want to bring you the information in its most basic form to help you to form your own ideas. By understanding the fundamental science behind both vaping and tobacco smoking, we are able to form our own ideas about the health and safety of smoking e-cigarettes.

By understanding what goes into a cigarette in terms of additives and materials or what is made up from an e-cigarette in terms of mechanics we can see the fundamental differences in how they both work. We also believe that by taking in to consideration the full effects on the body by both tobacco products and vaping products you will be able to make your own mind up about the safety of electronic cigarettes.

Thankfully our friends at ecig-reviews have been able to demonstrate and display all the scientific factors to consider when comparing tobacco products and vapour products in this useful infographic.

The science behind vaping

One thought on “The Science Behind E-Cigarettes and Vaping

  1. I’m a vapour of a few years and have had my fair share of questions lobbed my way about vaping versus smoking. One thing I’d like explained comes from a question/statement that someone ‘asked’ me, and that was ‘what about Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol (ie:VG and PG). What evidence have you that smoking these are harmless even though they are FDA Food Grade Approved, as they were approved only for use in food not vapourising and inhaling?’
    I too would like to know the answer to this ( Whatever the answer is it won’t stop me vaping anyway as I am already in the latter stages of Emphysema).
    I guess the same question/statement can be made about food flavourings. Are they all made the same? If not what are the variances and what is their affect when inhaled?
    I really would like to know for myself plus to be able to answer with as much certainty that is currently known the answers to these questions.
    Luckily the questions I’ve been asked have been pretty basic and the simple fact that vaping isn’t laced with thousands of chemicals, many which are known to be harmful to the human body and even carcenogenic. That alone seems to satisfy almost every person who has asked me questions added to the facts of my own personal testimony regarding the improvement in my lung function tests after having taken up vaping.
    Thanks in advance for your reply:)

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