e-cigsBelieve it or not, but once upon a time smoking was not only cool but everyone was doing it. Just look at Mad Men for an example – almost every character on the 1960’s-set show smokes and one of the biggest clients of the advertising agency the show revolves around is the Lucky Strike brand of cigarettes. While this was the case when your parents were young, more and more signs are pointing to e-cigs taking over as the choice for young smokers.

While it’s still a relatively new practice, vaping is catching on at an alarming rate among smokers and far from being a quitting aid, e-cigs are more and more finding their niche as a healthier alternative to tobacco. As a result it’s gaining more and more attention due to the increased use as well as celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp getting in on the action.

As with almost anything in the 21st Century, the celebrity factor is one of the biggest indorsements a product can get and for this reason they have arguably become the latest lifestyle accessory. Add to this the various talking points among fellow vapers (‘what e-liquid are you vaping?’, ‘what tank are you using?’) and it’s no wonder the practice is growing more and more prominent. You need only look online to brands such as Vape Superstore or on Youtube to see how many channels there are based around vaping products, flavours, and mods, providing information, hints and tips to anyone interested.

Naturally as it becomes a lifestyle accessory and grows in cultural significance, it becomes increasingly difficult for commentators and naysayers to fob vaping off as a fad. Couple this with more research being done on the subject and its benefits in comparison to tobacco, and it’s obvious why sales continue to grow and grow.

While you might not look at your e-cig as a lifestyle accessory along the lines of flywheels, handbags, or iPhones, modded e-cigs certainly fall into the category – just look at the choices and mods on offer. This customisation is what really makes e-cigs a lifestyle accessory as you can choose your strength, appearance, hit and density of vape, and like any lifestyle accessory that makes a statement unique to you.

One thought on “Have E-cigs Become A Lifestyle Accessory?

  1. With the Government being more active to save the city we are now inclined towards a nicotine free life. Thanks to them but every other thing that you hold is intoxicating and rather becomes a necessity and lifestyle. E-cigs are one of the evolving lifestyles as of today.

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