Because many people are new to vaping, the competition is heating up, and the

majority of consumers search online when they’re looking for information, you need

to optimize your online presence and implement awesome digital marketing

strategies that will get your vape store noticed. Don’t have a huge budget? No

problem. Check out these cost-effective online strategies that won’t break your


1. Give Your Website a Makeover

If you’ve been too busy to work on the cosmetic or functional elements of your

website, then it’s time you did. If you don’t have a physical location for your vape

store, then your website will be your customers’ only interaction with you. So it

needs to be a pleasant one that makes them want to come back and buy again.

Bad design and slow loading time can cause the best businesses to lose customers,

along with error messages and online forms that don’t work. If your website is new

and you like the way it works, but you’re not sure what’s stalling users from buying,

try using analytics tools like Hot Jar, which allow you to monitor and record user

behavior on your site, so you can see the areas that might need changing.

2. Don’t Cut Corners on Your Content

With the general consensus from SEO experts that Google requires a minimum of

400 words per page to index the information as useful, make sure that your product

pages aren’t threadbare. That doesn’t mean filling the page with babble or stuffing it

with keywords though.

Even if you’re marketing to a client base who already know what ejuice is, if you

aren’t providing an interesting, enticing description that makes them want to buy

your products and flavors above the competition, then you’re missing a trick. Make

sure to use the right amount of keywords and optimize your Meta data, for

maximum chances of SERP improvement.

3. Start up a Blog

A blog is an excellent space that allows you to publish interesting articles that your

users may find useful. Update it regularly and share your posts through social media

to increase visibility, likes and shares. Not everyone knows that eliquid comes in

many flavors, or how it’s made, the kind of people who vape and the best places to

vape at. So providing interesting content with the right keyword density will build up

traffic for your site.

4. Social Media

We all know that social media can be time consuming, but it’s an excellent way of

humanizing your brand and reaching customers on a personal level. And we all know

how long people spend on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, so it’s worth

the investment.

5. Ask for References

If you have customers who regularly buy your products and are happy with your

services, then ask them to leave you a review on Trust Pilot or Google. Give them an

incentive if necessary, such as a discount on their next flavor, and make the most of

the trustworthy referrals and repeat business.


Guest post provided by Vape Ranger

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