Like all electronic equipment, e-cigarettes have a shelf life whether they’re disposables or not. If you take the time to maintain your e-cigs properly, your products will last longer and you’ll save money on replacing parts too. You can ensure you get maximum use out of your electronic cigarettes by developing a maintenance and care regime. Here are some pointers to get you started:

Daily Use

An interesting discussion on the e-cigarette forum, suggests that a typical e-cigarette user can take anywhere from 400 to thousands of puffs on an e-cigarette a day – that’s a whole lot of wear and tear. To help extend the life of your e-cigarette, don’t draw on it like you would a normal cigarette, instead, take a long, slow drag and make it last for around 4 – 5 seconds. This way, you’ll increase your nicotine intake per puff and won’t need to take as many draws throughout the day.

It’s also important not to let your e-liquid run out. Vaping with no liquid will burn out the atomizer inside the e-cigarette, making it unusable. Plus, it’ll leave a nasty burning taste in your mouth.

Most people use e-cigarettes on the go, which means they travel around with the device in their pockets, backpacks or handbags. When traveling with your e-cigarette, make sure there’s nothing loose in your bag or pocket that may scrape the device or damage the casing in any way.

Maintaining the Atomizer

The atomizer is the part of the e-cigarette that turns e-liquid into vapor. It’s considered the most important component of an e-cig and it typically needs to be replaced more than any other part. To maintain your atomizer, you should regularly blow through each end of your e-cig onto a cloth or paper towel. This removes any excess liquid that may be blocking the component.

Normally, an atomizer needs to be replaced every 2 – 4 weeks depending on how often you use the device. Depending on the type of atomizer you have, you’ll either need to replace the whole unit or parts of the component once it’s had its day. You can buy replacement e-cigarette atomizers online and from e-cigarette shops.

Caring for your Cartridge

The most common problem e-cigarette users find with cartridges is that they sometimes leak. This is usually because the end cap has become misshapen or hasn’t been fitted correctly in the first place. Other than replacing the e-cigarette cartridge, you should follow the same steps above and blow through both ends of the device to remove any excess liquid. You should then refill the cartridge with e-liquid.

If you find that your e-cigarette isn’t producing any vapor, you should firstly check that you have enough liquid in the device. If you do, you should check that the cartridge has been fully pushed into the atomizer so that there are no gaps between the two components.

Extending Your Battery Life

When you first buy your e-cigarette, the manufacturer usually recommends that you charge the battery for a full 8 hours, even if the charging light indicates that the device is fully charged after a few hours. When you charge your e-cig afterwards, make sure you don’t overcharge as this will eventually reduce the life of the battery. It shouldn’t take longer than 3 – 4 hours in order to fully charge an e-cig battery after its first initial charge.

Also, don’t charge your battery overnight. Leaving it on charge this long will burn it out and it can also be a fire hazard.

You should regularly clean the connection parts of the battery using a paper towel to remove any dust or liquid that may have leaked from the cartridge. You should always make sure that the battery is dry before you place it in the charger.

Do you have any e-cigarette maintenance tips of your own that you’d like to share? How long do the components of your e-cigarette typically last? What brand of e-cigarettes do you find have the longest shelf life? We’d be keen to hear about your experiences.

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