With ever more frequent warnings about the dangers and health issues associated with smoking traditional tobacco based cigarettes, it comes as no surprise that the number of people buying e-cigarette products is on the rise.

Hundreds of thousands of us are now vaping compared to the olden days of being sat in a smoke filled bar, with a pint in one hand and a smoke in the other. It is said that this is mainly down to the fact that when you smoke an e-cig it looks and feels no different to a normal cigarette. In fact having a fancy new gadget that puffs out a vapour in your favorite flavor, is more than an attraction to most adolescents.

Ryan air have an interesting money spinner

Electronic-Cigarettes compared to other alternatives, such as patches or gum – (which some say are irritating to the skin) or Ryan Air’s infamous “A Cotton Bud soaked in Nicotine” method to curb the craving while soaring above the clouds. This must go down a treat with everyone who wishes to think and feel like they’re holding a real cigarette, whilst getting the same rush and satisfaction of actually smoking one.

Another point is that compared against real cigarettes, e-cigs are gaining more and more endorsement from the world’s most loved celebrity’s, people such as Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Moss who are switching to the humble e-cig as they feel that it is their duty to make the life-changing decision.

Peter Davy of Cigees.com says “ I feel great satisfaction in knowing that my list of products both satisfy people and offer them a safer alternative to regular smoking. Whatever your view on this subject it’s got to be a plus that there are now safer alternatives available”.

using an e-cigBut why else would you smoke an e-cig; what other possible advantages are there to discover? Well here’s just a few of them:

  • Most Electronic Cigarettes do not have a distinctive odour, if purchased from a popular, well respected seller. With an Electronic-Cigarette, gone are the days of the foul stench from a regular smoker. To be replaced by the new fresh smelling vaporizer. Many people consider someone who smells of cigarettes offensive and disgusting, they might move away from you on the bus or keep their distance in the street from the smell of smoke on your clothes. However, with your electronic cigarette there isn’t any of the old fashioned, tobacco scent – that some consider the “hallmark of tobacco cigarettes”
  • While the health difference between cigarettes and electronic cigarette products can’t be measured accurately yet, it is very probable that unlike burning and inhaling smoke – remembering of course that smoking has been linked to all sorts of diseases such as heart failure and even cancer. Having heard that why wouldn’t you want to change to an e-cigarette? Isn’t the thought of ending your life early enough to make you want to make the switch, especially when there is an alternative.
  • No tar- this is a well-known fact but even though e-cigs still contain the addictive substance Nicotine, the vapour they produce doesn’t produce a tar like substance like a normal cigarette does. This means that most people no longer experience the “coughing and spluttering” effect experienced when smoking a normal cigarette, and that it has been reported that people find that their breathing improves after a few weeks of quitting tobacco.
  • Did you know that dropped cigarettes are the main cause of death in house fires in the UK and the USA and 8/10 times it is not the smoker who dies but the non-smokers in their home who are usually asleep when these fires start. With an e-cigarette this is not the case, they are battery operated so do not have a flame and it is hugely unlikely that they could cause a fire.
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One Response to A cotton bud soaked in nicotine? I think I will have an Electronic Cigarette thanks!

  1. I’ll take an electronic cigarette any day! I’ve never tried the “cotton bud” method, but I’ve tried virtually every other way to quit smoking – the patch, gum, cold turkey, etc. Nothing worked (for the long-term) until I discovered e-cigs 😉

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