According to CDC (Centre for Disease Control & Prevention) smoking causes over 5 million deaths per year, worldwide. Nevertheless, it’s still a preventable cause of death. Despite all the alarming diseases and problems associated with tobacco consumption, smokers continue using tobacco cigarettes without any restrictions. Some folks find it hard to quit smoking. In such instances, it’s not at all surprising that when a new product (that shows the potential of controlling nicotine addiction) hits the market, the public is more than willing to use it.

E-Cigarettes – Are They Really Helpful?

E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are eco-friendly alternative to their analogue counterparts. They were initially invented in 2003 by Ruyan– a China based company. Recently, they’ve started replacing nicotine cigars. This raised several controversies between health organizations and the consumers.

The proponents of e-cigs confidently advocate the use of these electronic gadgets for the sake of their health and wallet. The consumers find it a healthier and non-addictive substitute to traditional cigars. But the health agencies, NGOs and scientists aren’t so sure. Medical experts want to know more about the possible ill-effects and benefits of e-cigs and so, they’re conducting new experiments and research everyday whereas, the NGOs are calling for tight regulations to restrict the sales.

Currently, several affluent nations like UK and U.S. do not impose any restrictions on the sale of e-cigarettes since they do not contain the required amount of tobacco that can cause potential health damages. Considering the rising popularity of e-cigs, the critics have made some worthwhile points which are mentioned here.

Possible Health Benefits Of E-Cigarettes?

# Control Nicotine Cravings.

When citing examples of how these miraculous gadgets have helped smokers, the manufacturers use anecdotal evidence to reinforce their statements. Most of them suggest that these eco-friendly tools have successfully helped people in controlling nicotine cravings, proliferation of withdrawal symptoms and smoking addiction. Therefore, popular celebrities such as Katherine Heigl have switched to e-cigs.

# Reduce The Effects Of Passive Smoking:

Unlike conventional cigars, these gadgets contain a superheated cartridge that converts nicotine into odourless water vapor that is absorbed by the body, thus satisfying untimely nicotine cravings. Moreover, since the device emits water vapor in place of noxious fumes, it readily prevents allergies resulting from passive smoking.

# No Second-hand Damages:

According to e-cigarette sellers, their merchandise is devoid of carcinogens, tar and toxic substances. Consequently, the user’s lungs will not be damaged and his teeth won’t turn yellow. Besides, it effectively eliminates the occurrence of second hand damages, without harming the surrounding people or environment.

# No Side-effects:

In a post submitted on another e-cigarette related site, a consumer named James K. states that he’s relatively happy and content since the time he has switched to e cigs. The consumer reports that he’s no more suffering from short breaths, congestion, irritation or headache caused by nicotine consumption.

# Less Possibilities Of Developing Lung Cancer:

Dr. Travis Stork from The Doctors (a popular American TV show) states that there’s still hope for the consumers of electronic cigarettes, as opposed to folks who smoke cigars and weed. E-cigs have the potential to save lives, by controlling the onset of cancer and other respiratory diseases. What’s more? A few pharmacies aim to design new inventions that can alleviate the symptoms of asthma, flu or bad cold.

The Bottom Line Is…

Although the users have reported several health-benefits of e-cigarettes, there are no scientific evidences to prove these claims. Therefore, the researchers advise consumers to apply for EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) so that they’re covered for major respiratory disorders resulting from cigarette smoking. In case you have this card, you can click on ehic renewal to renew your subscriptions from time to time.

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  1. Electronic cigarettes are tobacco-free and don’t have second hand smoke this is a health step above conventional cigarettes.

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