You might have heard about the product e cigarettes or electronic cigarettes. These items are on top in the market in the era of technological personal products. People get sick and suffer due to adverse effect of smoking; not only those who are active smoker i.e. who use to smoke directly faces problems but also the others who get affected by the smokes i.e. passive smokers has to suffer. The effects of smoking are numerous that leads to cancer that use to take several lives every year.

Those who suffers due to some problems that has a link with smoking; are suggested to forget smoking as soon as possible but it is not so easy task because it is an addiction and it cannot be restricted by medicine too. There are some techniques like yoga, water therapy, acupressure therapy but all of these are not very help full for all as those who are chain smoker can again start smoking at any point of their life. So people get tensed in the past to stay away from smoking. But in now days the product electronic cigarettes are on a high as these products are regarded as the more effective alternative to real cigarettes.

These cigarettes are attached with batteries and chambers where the flavour is to be added. There are several famous brands available in the market of electronic cigarettes. These products looks like real ones as they also has red flame on the tip but it looks like that actually it is a sensor that signals by lighting whenever the flavour gets ready. There are varieties of flavours available in the market from which you can choose by your own.

Most of the countries that organize anti-smoking campaign also offer a varieties of e cigarettes as these cigarettes looks like the real one but do not produce smoke like the real cigarettes.This is your best guide to find an e cigarette that suits your needs; such as in the United States Green smoke, Dragonfly E cigs, V2 Cigs Halo & Joy e tech, Vapour 4 life and Blu cigs are the common brand of this era. On the other hand in United Kingdom green smoke UK, Halo E cigarettes; in Canada Aurora E cigarettes, Joy e tech e cigarettes are available.

Among all of these brands Halo e cigs are one of oldest as it is a pioneer as they invented this technique of E cigarettes which helps the consumer to inhale something that has a flavors looks lie real cigarettes and on the other hand helps to stay away from the habit of smoking as soon as possible and if one could leave smoking by this technique he or she will never try to smoke real cigarettes again. Just go through the reviews on the above mentioned site and order your preferable brand if needed.

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