no smoking in public signThe debate over e-cigarettes is slowly moving away from their safety and efficacy in helping people quit smoking and moving towards rules and regulations; including whether “vapers” should be allowed to use the devices in public places.  Some State and Local legislators have even went as far as creating bills that would outright ban using any kind of electronic smoking device in all public places.  Recently, French researchers produced a report urging their government to do just that.  Here is our take.

We live in a free society where individuals, whether business owners or patrons, have freedom of choice and speech.  We live in a time when instant communication across the world is possible and access to up-to-the-minute information is common place.  Having the government make rules concerning private businesses only makes sense when the danger to consumers is real.  And even then, provided the danger is known and disclosed to consumers, the government should not impose morality onto privately owned businesses.  It should be up to the business owner to decide what activities (provided they are legal) will be allowed in their establishment.

Of course publicly funded or subsidized locales such as schools, hospitals, jails, museums, etc should be decided by the governing body.  And based on that, it is likely we will see a ban on any activity that looks like smoking in public places…..right or wrong?

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  1. E-cigarettes are does not produce from any harmful chemicals and tobacco. E-cigarettes doesn’t spread air pollution and also does not produce tar as traditional cigarettes. Its environment – friendly smoking devices and it does not harmful for health so it can be used in public places.

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