It a rather backwards progression, it seems electronic cigarettes will be banned in Universities and Colleges in the UK before they are banned on High School grounds.  Apparently teachers and profs believe the fake fags, as the Brits call them, as a gateway drug.  I assume they are speaking only of the e-cigs with nicotine in them, as without the nicotine there are not drugs in the e-liquid and therefore not in the vapor.

I agree to banning the use of electronic cigarettes in classrooms.  It would be disruptive.  But thinking that somehow kids or young adults are going to baby step their way to smoking by using the electronic version is absurd.  How hard is it to get smokes in England?  Exactly.  It would be more costly and difficult for a wannabe smoker to use and e-cigarette than to light up a smoke.  There is an argument that disposables would somewhat easier, but still, kids smoke to rebel not to try to reduce the risks of a habit they can not break and don’t even have yet.

There has never been any evidence produced that the electronic cigarette has started youths smoking.  So here is a thought also with no evidence: kids who would try an e-cig would try smoking anyway.  And based on the studies and current science would you rather have your kid vaping or smoking?

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