Since they first hit the market in 2007 as an alternative to smoking, e-cigarettes have been constantly growing in popularity as more and more people realize they can have the best of both worlds by giving up regular cigarettes and switching to the electronic version.

The Facts About E-Cigarettes

The electronic cigarette differs from regular cigarettes in many ways, one of which is it is unclear what tobacco laws will be applied to e-cigarettes, aside from the fact that in many cities and states individual still has to be at least 18 years old to buy them. Even though there is some controversy surrounding the use of electronic cigarettes, the Food and Drug Administration has not declared e-cigarettes harmful, although they have issued warnings based on limited testing of one brand. This has led smokers to be confused about their safety, and medical experts are equally contradictory  Since they have only been on the market since 2007 there have not been any studies on the long-term side effects.

An e-cigarette contains no tobacco but still gives the smoker the feel of a real cigarette. It is considered an electronic inhaler and simulates both the smoke and vapor of a real cigarette. One unique aspect of e-cigarettes is that the user can choose how much nicotine they have in their cigarette.

Marketing E-Cigarettes

There are several reasons why the marketing of e-cigarettes could make their future a shaky one. One of the problems is that while e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, they do contain nicotine as well as other ingredients that are unhealthy. Due to these factors, neither Google nor Facebook allow e-cigarette manufacturers to run advertisements on their sites.

The marketing of e-cigarettes is also causing controversy because some people feel children are drawn to them. This is because, unlike real cigarettes, e-cigarettes come in flavors such as chocolate, cherry, caramel and strawberry. Manufactures of these cigarettes have been criticized by parents for making them appealing to children. E-cigarettes can easily be purchased online, making them easily accessible to children without their parents even knowing.

Throughout the world, the United States is number one in the sale of e-cigarettes. However, the United Kingdom is expected to have one million people using e-cigarettes by the middle of 2013. Popular all over the world, the e-cigarette is now being used by 5,000 people per day in France.

The Outlook For E-Cigarettes

Despite the controversy that surrounds them, e-cigarettes have a solid future. The main reason for this is that for most smokers, the habit consists of all the steps one takes with a cigarette, such as removing a cigarette from its pack, the user putting it in their mouth and inhaling the nicotine. E-cigarettes allow smokers to keep their usual routine without smoking an actual cigarette, which appeals to some people.

Those who don’t like to be around someone when they are smoking usually complain that they do not like the smell of the cigarette smoke. Since e-cigarettes come in flavors, this issue can be eliminated.

About the Author: Joshua Teter is an avid user of electronic cigarettes and is the author behind this guest post.

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