Recent research and studies reveal that every seventh person on this earth smokes. It has become a common addiction, mostly seen in individuals in the age of 25 to 50 years. The number is still increasing, in spite of the fact that the government has banned the same. You cannot smoke them in public places like, bars, restaurants, airplanes, and many other areas. These initiatives have been taken for minimizing the habit of smoking and save environment.

quit smoking There are some popular reasons why people desire to get rid of this habit –

  • Annoys – Your cloths and breath will give a foul smell even if you are not holding the cigarette at the moment. Many people don’t like this odor and thus want to get rid of the habit
  • Emotional pain– your loved ones might be having a tough time seeing you inhaling the slow poison. You could stop this habit for the sake of their happiness and your health.

How to get rid of addiction

You could find some simple ways, which could help you to quit smoking. You could develop other interests and hobbies. You could spend time with loved ones, spare some time in cooking, playing sports and much more. If required, you could contact your family doctor. The expert will prescribe you a drug cessation product or other techniques which will help you in getting rid of the habit.

You need to change your surroundings before taking a step ahead. Avoid the company of smokers and try to spend time with tension free and enjoyable people like friends and family members. Throw the lighters and ashtrays from your room and purify the atmosphere of your home. If you are still facing difficulty to stop this habit, you could take the help of aiding products.

Try to indulge yourself in different counseling sessions and therapy programs. The counselors will make you aware about the ill effects of this dangerous habit.

Ill effects of smoking

There are various reasons, which states that you should quit smoking. Firstly, this act could stain your teeth and fingers. Your teeth might turn black and will make you look ugly when you smile. It also impacts your sensitive skin and makes you look aged or older than your actual age. The smoke generated by smoking might spoil the fabrics, walls, furniture, and floorings of the room. Besides being injurious to health, smoking is also considered expensive all the time. Instead of wasting money like this, you could invest them for a good purpose.

Nicotine is a slow poison. It gives birth to various heart related diseases and cancer. Hence, it has become essential to quit this addiction as soon as possible. You could switch over to certain alternatives like electronic cigarettes, gums and patches which will help you in quitting it. Many medications have also introduced for the benefit of users.

Various smoking cessation products have also been developed. Nicotine replacement therapy is the common solution, which will help you in living a better life ahead. These products consist of negligible quantities of nicotine that will help you in withdrawal of nicotine. The whole procedure would be completed in about 7 to 12 weeks.

Other ways include –

  • Acupuncture
  • Counseling
  • Support
  • Hypnosis

Linguistic programming or NLP is a popular technique, which will help you in long run. Many users who have adopted this technique have been able to get rid of addiction. They are leading a happy and normal life. Recent studies have revealed that about 97.2% of users have been able to quit smoking. This technique is much similar to Hypnotherapy. It affects the target areas of the subconscious mind and helps the mind to break this habit.

Once you quit smoking, people will love to spend time with you. You will be able to make better bonds with the family members and children.

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  1. David says:

    Quitting a smoking addiction is one of the toughest task of the world. I tried to stop my smoking habit with the strong motivation. I don’t want to transfer cigarette smoke to my children while smoking in house. I tried hard to stop it but can’t. I switch to Ecig to save my little children for traditional cigarette smoke.

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