tosh.0 vapes and e-cigaretteOn the 11/13/12 episode of Tosh.0 on Comedy Central, the host Daniel Tosh uses an e-cigarette.  In his Web Redemption skit for a woman who stole money from a couple of Girl Scouts, he says he quit smoking using one.  And later even referenced it like he was craving his e-cig.  Although Daniel likely is not a smoker and doesn’t actually use an e-cigarette, it is nice to see the mass exposure…..or at least exposure…..well the four people who watch Tosh.0 saw it, including me.

Daniel, if you are looking for a real e-cigarette drop us a line.  The one you used on the show didn’t produce any visible vapor.  A good electronic cigarette produces enough vapor to blow smoke rings.


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