E-cigarettes have revolutionized the way we use nicotine.  In fact every day more and more people are switching from smoking cigarettes and moving to vaping for a wide variant of reasons.  These reasons range from better breathe, smell and appearance to saving a lot of money as opposed to traditional smoking… and the list certainly doesn’t end there.  Plenty  of smokers have had a plethora of reasons to start vaping and stop smoking.

So if it has benefited so many people why can societies view on electronic cigarettes still waiver?

The answer is definitely not a simple one to address.  Much of it has to do with the fact that it can be a nicotine-containing product, the fact it can resemble a regular cigarette and the FDA’s take on e cigarettes (which is a whole different story in itself).  The very fact of the matter is that you can’t change anyones opinion for them, but you can give them a reason to see the benefits of electronic cigarettes.

So how can you change society’s view on e-cigarettes?

1.  Share your story – Those that do not like the “idea” of electronic cigarettes usually don’t know a thing about them or read or saw some report on them that they instantly granted as fact.  It is without a doubt there has been a lot of biased information, especially by those who have never been smokers, on the subject of e-cigs.  Some of this can be counter-acted with a personal shared experience.  All the time I see comments on various blogs and forums of people that have gone to vaping and have felt so strongly that they shared their opinion with the rest of the world.  They had benefited from the switch and expressed it openly.  And it doesn’t just have to be on the web!  From my own personal experience, many friends and family approved of my switching because they could blatantly see how I improved, from my personal appearance to the way I interacted with society.

2.  Let others have their own opinion – Nobody likes to be told they are wrong, and some people will never change their mind on how they view electronic cigarettes.  That’s o.k.!  Let your personal success, attitude and actions speak for you and let others have their opinion.  Actions often do speak louder than words so instead of telling someone they are ignorant, simply and confidently let them have their own opinion.  You catch definitely catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar.

3.  Be respectful – There are a lot of benefits of vaping over smoking… like being able to vape just about anywhere.  But a lot of people don’t yet understand that vaping isn’t smoking and are still shocked by it in public places.  I’m not saying don’t take full advantage of being able to vape where you couldn’t smoke before – That’s part of the awesome part!  I am saying be mindful that many people still might not understand it, and we as a society often fear what we don’t understand.  So… just don’t blow vaping fog in a random persons face.

These are 3 simple steps anyone can use to help change societal views on electronic cigarettes.  Through mutual understanding and sharing our story can we make an impact on how the world views vaping, one person at a time.

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