Here are the top 10 reasons why electronic cigarettes are better than tobacco cigarettes.  FYI to the FDA, we didn’t say “better for you”, just better and here is why:

10.  E-Cigs are more environmentally friendly.  Just look at this picture of cigarette butts vs used e-cig supplies:

E-Cigarette Waste Vs Tobacco Cigarettes

9.  No more bad breath or yellow teeth….at least not from smoking

8.  You can, generally speaking, use your e-cigarette where smoking is permitted.

7. Personalization.  E-cigarettes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and styles.  Analogues are not nearly as customizable.  Just look at these designer batteriesDesigner Batteries

6.  No more ashtrays.  They smell and need to be constantly emptied.  Forget that with the electronic version.

5.  E-cigs are cheaper than smoking.  The upfront cost is a bit more, but it works out to less than 40% of the cost over the long haul.

4.  It is way less likely you will burn down your house with e-cigarettes than with a lit cigarette.

3.  No need to buy, steal, trade, or carry a lighter.


2.  You can use an electronic cigarette at will.  One puff, put it away.  With cigarettes, it is generally all or none or a waste.  E-cigs are on your schedule.

and the #1 reason why e-cigarettes are better than tobacco cigarette; Smoke will likely kill you when inhaled over the long term.  With e-cigarettes, there is no smoke!

One thought on “Top 10 Reasons Why E-Cigarettes Are Better

  1. Now.. those are some of the factual reasons listed for opting for an E cigarette.However there are many more reasons.

    No more feeling ashamed and keeping away from your loved ones while smoking .No more health related worries for your loved ones because of your smoking habits.and many more.

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