To further the objective of spreading knowledge of electronic cigarettes to every smoker on the planet, we are opening up our blog to guest blogallow for guest bloggers.  We do not want strictly promotional blogs, but rather relevant opinion and news about electronic cigarettes themselves or the current happenings in the e-cig industry.  This is not to say we won’t allow links or brand/website plugs, however every blog post will need approval before going live.

If you are a blogger or writer and vape and have something to say about e-cigarettes, we encourage you to contact us about becoming a guest blogger.  We request you use our contact form with “guest blogger” in the subject line.  We also ask that you include a sample of your writing in the form or a link to already published content that you have written.

If you are selected, we will create a login for you within our system (WordPress) and you will be able to write on your own time.  All posts will be saved as a draft and reviewed by our team before we publish them.

We appreciate anyone who is spreading the word of vaping to smokers and are excited about the opportunity to offer our readers even more news and information about the e-cigarette industry, products, and advantages.

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