V2 Liquimax blank cartomizersThe biggest leap forward in e-cigarette technology since manual batteries: the LiquiMax Cartomizers, aka clearomizers, aka clear blank cartomizers. V2 is just about to start shipping their first batch of LiquiMax blank cartomizers and if you want consistent, thick vapor you want one.

These tank type cartridges with built in atomizers can be refilled 30 times before the atomizer wears out.  They are essentially cotton free and hold a massive amount of e-liquid.  But when they do run out, they are super easy to refill and of course they look cool.

This is pre-order, but will ship Oct. 18th, 2012.  If you don’t order soon, the stock coming in may be gone.  So to upgrade your vaping experience, order the LiquiMax Blanks today.




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