Since the inception and introduction of the electronic cigarette in the United States, there have been a host of organizations and associations start up to advocate their use.  One of the first was the Electronic Cigarette Association, which has since disbanded.  Others from both an industry and consumer perspective have popped up to fight the enormous amount of misinformation opponents of the e-cig have put forward.  Here is s list of the most well known ones and their primary goals and objectives.

CASAA (The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association) – Our mission is to ensure the availability of effective, affordable and reduced harm alternatives to smoking by increasing public awareness and education; to encourage the testing and development of products to achieve acceptable safety standards and reasonable regulation; and to promote the benefits of reduced harm alternatives. – CASAA Website

AEMSA (American E-liquid Manufacturing Safety Association) –  We promise to work for preserving and promoting Tobacco Harm Reduction through the process of volunteer self-regulation of e-liquid manufacturing.  We are committed to providing consumers with a greater confidence in our members’ products. – AEMSA Website

TVECA (Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association) – The TVECA has been established to provide the media, legislative bodies and those that are currently using the electronic cigarette (e-cig) a single industry resource to simply provide the scientific facts behind a new technology that has garnered tremendous disinformation. – TVECA Website

SFATA (Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association) – SFATA’s mission is to educate consumers, regulators and legislators about the electronic cigarette industry while working to define quality standards in production, safety and compliance. – SFATA Website

NVC (National Vapers Club) – National Vapers Club (NVC) is a consumer-based organization run and sponsored by e-cigarette users, also known as vapers. NVC encourages responsible self-regulation by e-cigarette retailers until the federal government develops regulatory standards for this consumer product. – NVC Website


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