Since the e-cigarette was brought to market in the mid 2000’s there have been many critics of the technology.  These critics have been using misinformation to further there abstinence only policy since the start.  What is important to note is that these same organizations and individuals push other nicotine based products; the ones sold by pharmaceutical companies.  These companies donate generously to anti-smoking organizations and in return, what do they do?  We have written extensively about this in the past.  Well, here is the best quote I have found in some time.  It comes from an individual who teaches a quit smoking class at South Lake Hospital in Florida:

“We prefer methods that don’t have any addictives,” said Harwood, who gives her cessation students nicotine patches.

The full article can be read at South Lake Press.  The nicotine patch doesn’t have any addictives?  Is that suppose to be additives?  That still wouldn’t be correct.  And the e-cigarette can be used without any nicotine at all.  I doubt they sell nicotine free patches.

If these organizations would focus more on the user and less on what methods are approved by those paying the bills, they could help more people quit smoking.  And after all, shouldn’t that be the ultimate goal of any public health organization?

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