We have many customers who prefer to use the none nicotine e-liquid with their electronic cigarette.  It produces the same great vapor, just without the nicotine.  Everything about the product remains the same, just no nicotine.  But those same customers also like to have flavor choices.  That is why we have expanded our e-liquid inventory to include additional flavors in zero nicotine.  For those of you who want the none nicotine e-liquid, it now comes in tobacco, menthol, vanilla, coffee, peach, and cherry flavors.

The zero nicotine e-liquid contains the same ingredients (USP grade propylene glycol, FCC grade vegetable glycerin, USP grade glycerol, distilled water, natural flavors, artificial flavors, citric acid) and was tested along with the nicotine e-liquid.  Although some e-smokers report a reduction in throat hit with the zero nicotine, others actually prefer the smoother taste.  Since taste is subjective, we recommend all those interested  give the zero nicotine e-liquid a try; you may be pleasantly surprised!

American Made E-Liquid Smoke Juice

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9 Responses to E-Liquid Now Available In More Flavors With No Nicotine

  1. John Teisberg says:

    Yes, taste is subjective. But I do enjoy ‘e-liquids’ with and without nicotine. Good thing there are many flavors out there to choose from. The ‘e-liquids’ I like for my Janty e-cig are mint, chocolate and strawberry. The great thing about offering no-nicotine e-liquids is that you give consumers a choice to let go of that nicotine dependency – slowly but surely!

  2. Betty Simpson says:

    I would like to have a cig. that I could just use water as the liquid. Can I do that with this cig? I really don’t want to inhale these other flavors.

  3. Google says:

    Great . Good idea offering the no nicotine version of electronic cigarretes. E cigs are great and more people should be using them

  4. Michael Sachs says:

    I quite smoking and use a e Cig once in a whale I would like to see a e-Cig type product with no nicotine but lets me smoke when I want a puff now and then.

  5. Linda says:

    I would love for soemone who has actually bought these to list all the ingredients in this product. I have been trying and trying to quit, this sounds like the perfect fit however I want to know all the ingredients please.

  6. Toni Petersen says:

    So I keep hearing the FDA is now “Stepping in” as always:( but that is cause of the nicotine BUT what about the oils that don’t have nicotine in it are they trying to say its bad too? And if not will it be allowed to use in public places? It is now but I’m sure the FDA WILL PIT A STOP TO IT EVERYWHERE:(

  7. I have tried for years to quit smoking to no avail. my husband and I have all but quit going anywhere because we cant smoke and there fore we are not confortable. people who don’t smoke no longer visit us because they are not comfortable around smoke.The e-cig vapor has freed me from all of that ,I am cig. free my air is clean, my friends are coming back ,I am getting out again.however I new big tobacco co. would find a way to try to get this freedon taken away from us just as everything else is being taken away .How can we stop them. all they want is all smokers back on cig. just for the money.As always it comes down to the almighty dollar.

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