As you, our loyal reader have noticed, we have taken a break from blogging since Christmas.  This was due to time constraints among other personal reasons.  However our business continues to thrive as we offer some of the best electronic cigarette kits and e-liquid on the market.  But with spring here we decided it is time to get our blog current once again and help spread the word about electronic cigarettes and combat the always present misinformation from opponents.

Since Christmas not much has happened on the FDA front.  They continue to be told that electronic cigarettes are not new drugs / drug delivery devices absent any therapeutic claims and the FDA continues to try to find a way to push them into the pharmaceutical realm.  However one recent development may be a sign that the FDA has a much broader philosophy on reduced harm tobacco products in general.  According to the Washington Post the FDA told Star Scientific 2 dissolvable tobacco products are not subject to tobacco regulation.

It seems unlikely that the FDA would give these “melt in your mouth” nicotine-containing products a free pass, so what is their angle? Based on current regulation and law it would seem the only other avenue to regulate these products is as a new drug that helps users quit smoking; i.e. a pharmaceutical product. This apparently flies in the face of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act which gave the FDA jurisdiction to regulate tobacco products. A FDA spokesperson said, “Yes they are absolutely tobacco products under the definition, but when we get into the manufacturing process that’s where we are hamstrung because it’s absolutely proprietary information,”

What does that even mean? I doubt the FDA knows. But in any case it appears that the electronic cigarette is not the only nicotine containing product that the FDA wants to keep out of the tobacco product jurisdiction. Time will tell if the FDA has a larger agenda to scratch the reduced harm category altogether and lump those products in with the currently available quit smoking pharmaceuticals.

3 thoughts on “We Are Back Blogging and the FDA is Backtracking

  1. maybe you are not paying fda in kickbacks, lobbists and not giving them trips to the bshsmas. everyone know the fda along with the whole united states elected officials are corrupt. that’s why most elected officials spend a lot of time listening to lobbists. throw in a few thousand dollars, send them to expensive vacations, and you have a lot of friends. the fda is not looking out for americans. you have notpaid your dues. this is my opinion of course. but i think you know it’s true.

  2. You got that right! all the gov wants to do is take away our rights, more now than ever. They didn’t want us to smoke, they’ve stopped us in public, now a clean no smoke, smoke and they are trying to stop this? really dumb people who have bigger fish to fry. Keeps my house clean and air fresh. Don’t burn my clothes or smell bad. so many reason to go E!

  3. Well, if you’re doing it for your family, that’s great. Do it for ysleoruf, too. 10 days is a very long time. What is it that made you go back? Figuring that one out will help alot.Make your home and car smoke free. One smoker I know cut down drastically this way. Trying the gum, or the patch might work, and there are prescribed pills you can take, too.Or you could focus on all the money the tobacco owners get from you (and no, you will NEVER catch them smoking!). And think of all the money you will save ysleoruf in medical bills down the road. Smoking not only causes disease, but complicates other diseases as well.1000 milligrams of timed release vitamin C will definitely help. So will a 100mg vitamin B and 200mg of vitamin E.Do it for your own health. You will be much more comfortable in your old age. Once you quit, your body works on repairing the damage caused by smoking.It’s sooooo much better than doing it when you have no other choice but to quit because you can’t move from your hospital bed .

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