Last month we ran a special to offer our customers free shipping on all electronic cigarette orders over $35.  The special went so well that we have decided to extend the free shipping offer indefinitely.  However there are a couple of changes to the program.  First, you do not need to enter any special coupon code.  Simply choose the e-cigarette kit, e-liquid, or accessories you want, add them to yfour cart and check out.  The second change is the minimum order total has been increased to $50.  As an example, a purchase of 3 bottles of US made e-liquid would qualify for free shipping, as would any of our e-cigarette kits (except the Joye 510 PCC kit, which is currently on sale for only $45).

So if you are a current vaper or a smoker looking for an alternative, now is a great time to try out Instead as your e-cigarette supplier.  We have been using and selling e-cigarettes since 2007 so you can be assured of our products, our service, and our advice.

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