We are proud to offer our customers the Joye 510 eGo kit. The Joye 510 eGo using the same size atomizers and cartridges as our other 510 kits (the 510 kit and the 510 PCC kit), but instead of the normal sized batteries, the eGo uses extra large batteries for maximum vaping power and battery life.

Joye 510 eGo
Joye 510 eGo + US Made E-Liquid

Each of our 510 kits, including the Joye 510 eGo kit, comes with a bottle of US made e-liquid in your choice of nicotine strength and flavor. Current flavors include tobacco, menthol, vanilla, cherry, peach, and coffee. Please note that our flavor selection can change over time, but if there is a particular flavor you want, just comment on this post to let us know!

The Joye 510 eGo is best suited for those who are not concerned about their electronic cigarette looking like a tobacco cigarettes, since the large battery is about the size of a mascara bottle (for the ladies) or the size of a high power rifle bullet (for the men). But the eGo is perfect for those looking to vape most or all of the the day (or more) without having to recharge the battery. And of course a full battery produces more vapor so the eGo provides great vapor for an extraordinary amount of time. The eGo has about 3.5x the power capacity of a traditional Joye 510 battery (650mAh vs 180mAh).

So if you want massive vapor production and the convenience of a long lasting battery, we recommend you consider the Joye 510 eGo.

2 thoughts on “Joye 510 eGo Kits Now Available

  1. Well, let me put it to you like this My uncle (who has never smoked) is a sucekr for a scheme. So he has been trying to sell those darned things for the last year .and my aunt still smokes. Just saying form your own conclusion

  2. Pack a day Winston smoker for 30+ years, quit a few times but fell back in and have been using these to not smoke but still get my nicotine fix…they work fine for me. Its a great alternative and more socially acceptable but, more importantly, less harmful than the real thing. Just saying, worth a try, and you can get some interesting flavors at ecblends.com…”wake n bake” is a good 1.

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