Many news articles discuss about how e-cigarette help smokers “get around” smoking bans in public places. They generally make it sound like smokers are somehow doing something wrong by using e-cigarettes where smoking is banned. This is not true and here’s why:

The e-cigarette does not burn or produce smoke. Rather it produces vapor, the majority of which is made up of propylene glycol, a substance found in food, medicines, and beauty products. Smoking bans were put into place to protect business employees and patrons from second hand smoke. E-Cigarettes don’t produce any smoke, including second hand smoke.

So if there is no evidence that second hand vapor is harmful; which there isn’t, then this is all about an action. Anti-smoking groups have done such a good job of demonizing smoking over the years that it is hard for people to see beyond the action. They see someone vaping and they assume it must be bad.

There are those who argue smoking is so bad that it is ok to generalize the action as being dangerous, without regard to scientific differences. But creating policy based on misconceptions, regardless of the end goal, is an infringement upon individual rights and business owners’ rights.

So how should those using e-cigarettes proceed when in public? Here are our recommendations:

1) Avoid using your e-cigarette in public places such as libraries, hospitals, and schools. These are public places funded by public money and vaping openly here will only generate negatively publicity.

2) Before using your e-cigarette in a privately owned establishment such as a bar, restaurant, or coffee shop, talk to the manager or owner. Show them your e-cig and explain the technology. Very often they will be ok with it and you may even find someone who is in need of an e-cigarette. If they are not ok with it, there is always another bar/restaurant.

3) Do your best to educate those around you. The more people who understand the difference between vaping and smoking, the better chance there is of sound public policy based on science and not anti-smoking propaganda.

6 thoughts on “E-Cigarettes and Smoking Bans

  1. I am currently trying to find out if there is a ban against e-cigarettes in Madison, Wisconsin. It’s difficult to reach anyone in city government who can give me a definitive answer. If anyone knows where/who I can find out this information from, I would appreciate your sending me the answer.

  2. I did get an answer to my question re. a ban on e-cigarettes in Madison, Wisconsin. According to Doug Voegeli, the Director of Environmental Health, there is no ban on e-cigarettes; this is because the law only applies to smoking that involves “burning.”

  3. Basically…the way to deal with any unjust & over-zealous “haters” who all seem to think they’re now the new “smoke” police, is to simply VAPE regardless, anywhere you choose & with ZERO concern for those whom seek to INFRINGE upon our basic freedoms with threats, insults & fines.
    This is your LIFE & RIGHT so stop being bullied and acting so PASSIVE.

    I have to ask, someone such as Maureen above who was fined $250.00 for Vaping privately & only within her hotel room…HOW did you even get “caught” doing this? Unless you told on yourself…?

    I Vape where & when I want and if someone who is ignorant of the basic science of an e-cig even tries to impose, then they are TOTALLY ignored by me. Imagine the huge Egos of some,(??) to harass & threaten others about using something that they know absolutely NOTHING about?
    I may (potentially) see all sorts of people doing many seemingly odd things in public, yet if I have NO knowledge of what EXACTLY they’re even doing and the legality involved, WHY would I even consider harassing them? Prejudice is of course then the only true motivation of such egotistical, self-righteous and hypocritical Bullies.

    *If there is NO LAW against a behavior, it is Clearly Legal and concerns the very Basis (& literal blood) of which this country was founded upon.

    It is up to those who are opposed to e-cigarettes to Prove they’re somehow hazardous and infringing upon their rights, and NOT up to the Vapers to disprove. When an airline insists that passengers CAN NOT even use nicotine gum or a patch while on a flight, then there is Clearly a social prejudice against nicotine and those who choose to use it, and not ONLY “smoke” alone. Meanwhile, the overwhelming majority of the U.S.A. is dependent upon numerous (socially acceptable) toxic pharmaceutical drugs.

    **Currently, people have NO right to fine, harass, threaten or in any other way intimidate others who may vape. Producing steam, moisture heated into a vapor, or using an Albuterol inhaler for asthma in public are thus far 100% as Legal as breathing oxygen in public places so until actual Laws, and not just ignorant people’s opinions shape our societal behaviors, VAPE when & where you want & stop being so intimidated by Bullies.-If some-“thing” is Not Illegal, then we have every right to continue Undisturbed despite ANY personal opinions of others.

    I disdain loud cars & motorcycles, however, even the well KNOWN decibel and pollution levels are regulated and still tolerated, regardless of my own OPINIONS…and these things ARE Proven Highly toxic.

    If you submit, and thus permit yourselves to be harassed & fined, rather than Refuse to comply and simply fight for your Rights, then frankly you’re only enabling the bullies to continue.

  4. Jack Nasty, you are very right!!! I vape at home and at work and in the car, but I have yet to vape in any public buildings.I, as well as any other vapers have got to take a firm stand and stop being pushed around! My personal favorite is not smoking in a bar. The way I see it, if you are sitting on a bar stool swilling alcohol, and getting ready to get into your CAR and DRIVE home after drinking, then how concerned are you really with your own health and safety or anyone else’s while your on the road half looped? I guess drinking and driving is more acceptable than an e-cigarette.

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