For a limited time we are offering the Joye Personal Charging Case Kit with a bottle of American made e-liquid for only $45!  We have many people who would like to try out vaping but don’t want to invest in a full e-cigarett kit.  So, the Joye PCC is a perfect fit to give vaping a try.  It comes with 1 full electronic cigarette, a portable charger (which is charged up via your computer USB), and a couple of cartridges that can be filled and refilled with the bottle of e-liquid.  The 15 ml bottle of USA made e-liquid is approximately equivalent to 300 tobacco cigarettes.

We lowered the price of the Joye PCC to entice long time smokers to give the electronic cigarette a try.  We believe every smoker owes it to themselves to try the technology and now it’s more affordable then ever.  And the great thing about the Joye PCC is you can carry the charging case around like a pack of cigarettes.  So even though you only get one battery, you can charge it on the go!

For those who find that they like vaping, which many smokers do, you can then get the full Joye 510 kit.  It is completely compatible with the Joye PCC kit so you would then have a total of 3 batteries, 3 atomizers, a wall charger, a portable charger, 7 cartridges, and a couple of bottles of US made e-liquid.  This will keep even the heaviest vaper going for awhile.

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