I decided to write this blog post about my personal experience with smoking, tobacco, and the electronic cigarette.  I have been using and selling electronic cigarettes since 2007 and started smoking in about 1992.

In 2007 I was a pack a day smoker.  I found the e-cigarette and thought it would be a perfect way to quit smoking.  For me, that was not the case.  I did like using my electronic cigarette, but I was still smoking tobacco cigarettes.  On the days when I used my e-cigarette religiously, I did smoke less, but couldn’t give it up completely.  It was a start, but I still wanted to quit smoking completely.

I tried the nicotine gum.  It was very expensive and didn’t help me at all.  I am not a gum chewer to begin with, which may have had something to do with my it.  I tried the patch.  Same result.  At that point I was less confident that I would ever quit smoking and resided to the fact that I would just continue to supplement my smoking with my electronic cigarette.  After all, half a pack of cigarettes per day is better than a full pack….right?

During my earlier years and right up until recently I mistakenly believed that other tobacco products such as snus were as dangerous as smoking.  All of the propaganda by the pharmaceutical companies trying to sell me “quit smoking aids” had me convinced me that using smokeless tobacco was just as bad as cigarettes.  Of course over the last couple of years the e-cigarette industry has been the target of the same propaganda.  This woke me up to the possibility that the phrase “smokeless tobacco is not a safe alternative to tobacco cigarettes” may be misleading.

I am under no false perceptions…..using snus is not safe….but is safer.  I say this because of the research I began to do on snus.  What I found was that makers of snus where required to put warnings on their product that included “this product can cause mouth cancer”.  But my research revealed that there are no studies showing that snus can cause mouth cancer.  And there are some massive studies to refer to.  In fact one used 279,897 people over a 14 year period with a follow up 12 years later (in 2004).  This study, as mentioned in an earlier blog post about FDA regulation, showed that snus did not increase the risk of getting mouth cancer.

This gave me a new perspective about tobacco in general.  And along with other studies regarding just nicotine it gave me the motivation to give snus a try.  That did it!  I quit smoking cigarettes by switching to snus.  I still use my electronic cigarette with my snus.  I like blowing out clouds of vapor.  I like blowing vapor rings.  I like the action of smoking.  So I went from smoking a lot to smoking some while using my e-cigarette to smoking none.  I feel good both physically and mentally for quitting smoking.

I can’t say exactly why I fully quit smoking using snus and not the e-cigarette.  It may have not been enough nicotine.  It may have been something else in the tobacco I was missing.  But whatever the reason, I now snus and vape instead of smoking.

I write this blog post because contrary to the pharmaceutical companies, the FDA, and the various public health organizations that are funded by pharmaceutical profits, quitting smoking is more important than who profits from it.

Here are a few words of advice: don’t inhale anything that burns, don’t give up on quitting smoking, and rethink what you think you know about smoking, tobacco, and nicotine.

12 thoughts on “How I Quit Smoking

  1. Thank You! …and I agree, something inhaled just can’t be good; plus I’m a three-pack/day smoker with a hefty smoker’s cough.

    I’m going to give SNUS a try. If I can just break the habit of having something in my hand for virtually everything I do, I will be a far better person!



  2. Wonderful information.
    I too have tried just about everything. Gum, lozenge, patch. No single thing could do it for me. I cant do snus, just …..ewww Just can’t. But I did find a way that might work for others.
    I am using the patch to wean myself off of nicotine, but I am using an electronic cigarette with No Nicotine from a home made ejuice mixture (Glycerin and a few drops of mint oil) to cover the hand/mouth habit that I have developed over 26 years.

    Not one craving, and I vape like a fiend!

    Good luck everyone,

    and P.S.
    make sure that you clean your cartridges of all the nicotine before you even use them.

  3. Great write up! I smoked a pack a day for 15 years up until 2 years ago with snus to break the habit. I became a 1 can every 3 day General snus. My gums where getting a little tender above the tooth as I used it on one side all day. So I stopped snus for about 3 months now and use a poach of redman CHAW once a day and the poach lasts a week. So in a nut shell cut down to just my after dinner chew and doing well. Snus is a wonderful way to get of the cigs and I am happy to read your post about it. I am now lookinh into the non-tobacco herb style snus to get me off the one a day habit. Good luck to everyone and dont be afraid to give REAL swedish snus a try!

  4. Hi I am smoking the e cigarete but I have the first stage of emphysema is going to worsten my condition seeing as it’s not smoke nor tobacco. Can someone help with my question pls

  5. I am happy to state I bought an ecig kit. I finished the pack of Camels I had at the time. When they were gone, I switched to my new ecig. 37 days later, I have not as much touched an analog smoke. If you want to quit, they work. If you are just trying to appease someone or something, you will find an excuse why it wont.

  6. Great article. I smoke cigarettes for 31 years. I was feeling the effects and was tiring of the social stigma and alienation. I started smoking e-cigs about a year ago. Took some getting used to and I tried several brands. I settled on a refillable cartomizer//battery set up. Since then, no smokers cough (as you can guess from 31 years of smoking it was bad), breathing better, more energy, less illnesses (I had bad bronchitis and pneumonia in the winter time). I realize it isn’t quitting cold turkey, but it was a big step for me and I am glad I did it. I have been reducing the nicotine strength gradually because I am really addicted to nicotine. My family is happy and I am vaping my butt off.

    1. It is a matter of the amount of nicotine you would be taking in. If you are using an e-cigarette with no nicotine, I am sure it would be fine, but if it does have nicotine you may be consuming too great an amount of nicotine. Talk to your doctor.

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