Katherine Heigl was on the Late Show with David Letterman last night showing off her electronic cigarette. It is nice to see another smoker find out what a great alternative the e-cigarette is, but we thought we should correct one of Katherine’s statement. She mentioned that she was blowing out water vapor and “humidifying” the space. This is not true. Testing of the vapor, including testing of the Instead e-liquid vapor, shows that the vast majority of the vapor is made up of propylene glycol and glycerin. Although these substances have never been shown to cause cancer, it still isn’t water vapor. Click here for more information about propylene glycol and glycerin.

So what did David Letterman think?  At first he thought it was a dog whistle. But after he saw the vapor, he was intrigued, as most are when seeing puffs of what appears to be scentless “smoke”.  He tried it (he is apparently an avid cigar smoker) and seemed to think it was alright.  We’re not sure if Dave is going to give up his cigars for e-smoking, but at least now more smokers know they have another option.

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