For all you vapers that like using cartomizers, rather than atomizers with cartridges, we now have empty cartomizers back in stock.  These cartomizers will fit the Instead Electronic Cigarette (not the Joye 510). Some time ago we wrote about the differences between e-cigarettes that use atomizers / cartridges and cartomizers, but here is quickly synopsis:

  • 3 piece e-cigarettes use a battery, a reusable atomizer (heating element), and a cartridge that holds the e-liquid.
  • 2 piece e-cigarettes use a battery and a cartomizer. The cartomizer contains a disposable atomizer surrounded by the wick, which holds the e-liquid.
  • Cartomizers hold more e-liquid, so they last about 15 cigarettes worth, while filled cartridges are about 3 cigarettes worth.
  • Cartomizers are to be filled once while cartridges can be filled over and over. Filling cartomizers more than once can lead to the wick becoming overheated and singeing.
  • Using atomizers with cartridges is cheaper but cartomizers are great on the go as they last much longer.

  • e-cigarette cartomizer

    An Empty Cartomizer

    Empty cartomizers can be filled with our imported or American made e-liquid. If you have an Instead Electronic Cigarette kit, having a few cartomizers around ensures uninterrupted vaping, even while on the go!

    Remember, when filling up your cartomizer DO NOT put e-liquid down the center hole. Simply drip the liquid onto the wick surrounding the hole until it is saturated.

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    6 Responses to Empty Cartomizers Are Back

    1. Sarah says:

      My husband and I bought BluCigs and are good with that, but is there a refillable cartridge which will fit on this brand?

    2. hana says:

      hi, i was just wondering if cartamizers are reusable??

    3. Topher McConathy says:

      I have a 4081 NPro battery, will this work with it?

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