This blog post, unlike Top 10 Places To Use Your Electronic Cigarette will focus more on day to day places where you’ll be glad you have your e-cigarette. And if you’re a smoker, I’ll bet you can already think of a few places where you wished you could “smoke”…..even if it isn’t actually smoke.

First, remember that electronic cigarettes don’t burn or use any type of combustion. They vaporize a mix of propylene glycol, glycerin, water, flavoring and optional nicotine. This e-liquid vaporizes at a much lower temperature (40 to 65 degrees Celsius according to the FDA testing) than at which combustion takes place. So any smoking bans that refer to burning cigarettes, smoking cigarettes, or emitting smoke do not apply to an electronic cigarette that does burning or produce smoke. However some counties and states are attempting to have e-cigarettes including in smoking bans.

So, here are 5 places where you will want to have your e-cigarette:

1. Your car. Remember the good old days when you smoked a pack every 300 miles on a long trip? Remember how your car used to smell? You can vape your e-cigarette from New York to LA and can still sell your car afterward.
2. Bed. Heavy smokers have a habit of smoking in bed. Get rid of the ashtray on the night stand and put an e-cigarette charger in it’s place. No more ashes in your sheets.
3. Airports. With long flights and layovers in airports with no place to smoke, make sure you have your e-cigarette handy. Do it quietly. Airport security will have a lot of questions and you have a flight to catch.
4. Your favorite watering hole. To many smokers, bars and lounges just aren’t the same without a haze floating over head. Although e-cigarette vapor dissipates very quickly, it will still give any smoker a sense of nostalgia. To be safe, always get permission from the restaurant, bar, hotel, lounge, business owner or manager before vaping.
5. Parties! Have non-smoking friends? Tired of standing outside during a party to inhale your cigarette. Bring your e-cigarette. Show it to your friends. Most will think it is great that you don’t have to go outside and come back in smelling like an ashtray.

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