We first wrote at length about the new Tobacco Bill on June 23rd, 2009. At that time we discussed how the effectiveness of the Bill in reducing smoking related fatalities would be dependent upon how the FDA implements the new law. We also speculated on the future of the e-cigarette with regards to this Bill.

Then the case of Smoking Everywhere and Njoy vs the FDA was started. Judge Leon, who was hearing the arguments, stated that he believed the electronic cigarette did fall within the jurisdiction of the new Tobacco Bill. But still the FDA is fighting to make the e-cigarette a new drug. We speculate why the FDA wants the e-cigarette as a new drug HERE.

So the future of the electronic cigarette continues to be in limbo. But what about the new Tobacco Bill? Is it helping curb smoking related deaths? Well we found the advertisement shown below at our local smoke shop:

Tobacco Law Didn't Work

If you can’t read the ad above, it is Philip Morris stating, “Federal law requires that some cigarette packages change. As a result, your pack may look different, but your cigarette will stay the same.” Perfect. At least the Tobacco Bill, which took many, many years to come into law (at taxpayer expense) only changes the package and not the product….the product that kills hundreds of thousands Americans per year. Good work Federal Government and FDA. Now get back to fighting against the e-cigarette, which is THE alternative to the number one killer in American….tobacco cigarettes.

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