We often get questions about electronic cigarettes, the industry, and the law. Before you contact us, please review the common questions and associated answer below. Also remember that the electronic cigarette falls into a very grey area right now. Simple questions can have complicated answers and in some cases, there is not an answer yet.

Question: What is happening with the FDA and the lawsuit against them?

Read: What is going on with the FDA and the electronic cigarette lawsuit from May 1st, 2009

Question: Has testing been done on e-liquid, vapor and the ingredients in e-liquid?

Read: How and why the FDA botched their testing on electronic cigarettes – July 24, 2009
Read: The technical review of the FDA Report: “Evaluation of e-cigarettes” from August 8, 2009
Read: Combustion versus Vaporization from October 15, 2009
Read: The study: Inhaling Nicotine Shows No Signs of Leading to Cancer from October 30, 2009
Read: Scientific Testing Verifies Electronic Cigarette Vapor Does Not Contain Carcinogenic TSNAs from January 13, 2010
Read: Testing on American made Instead e-liquid from January 21, 2010
Read: Virginia Commonwealth University Study of Electronic Cigarettes by Dr. Eissenberg from February 10, 2010

Question: Why should I buy my electronic cigarette from INSTEAD?

Read: 5 reasons to Buy Instead Electronic Cigarettes from May 22nd, 2009
Read: The differences between electronic cigarette suppliers from January 8, 2010
Read: Electronic cigarette reviews from January 25, 2010

2 thoughts on “Common Questions

  1. i dont have a comment,but a question.how long is the replacements suppose to last?my husband just purchased your product on friday the 2nd of july and he is already thru 3 of them.arent they suppose to last longer than this.we were under the impression that 1 replacement would last at leat 3 days.can you please help with this because he is wanting to buy a pack of cigarettes as i am writing this.

    1. Thank you for your comment. We checked and have no record of an order under your email. And since you discuss your cartridges running out quickly it is very likely you purchased a different brand as we offer empty cartridges with bottles of e-liquid to refill your cartridges. Cartridges (not cartomizers) are approximately equivalent to 2 to 4 cigarettes. After that, you just put a couple more drops in to refill. Bottles of e-liquid are worth about 300 cigarettes based on puff count. If you do have a 3 piece e-cigarette (battery, atomizer, and cartridge) then you can use the Instead E-liquid to refill those empty cartridges.

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