Do you vape? Do you smoke, but want to try an electronic cigarette? Are you a blogger or just have a website? Then this offer is for you. For a limited time, we will be offering a coupon code for a free bottle of e-liquid (US made or Imported) to any blogger or website owner just for promoting our product.

Here are the details and requirements:

1) The blogger or website owner must link to any one of the pages on our blog ( or e-cigarette store ( For instance, you could create a link such as “Save The E-Cigarette” which links to the page about State governments and AGs attempting to ban the e-cigarette.

2) The link must appear on a page with a least a Google PageRank of 1. The exception: If you write a new blog post or article about the electronic cigarette and include the link within the content, the page doesn’t need PageRank. However, the main domain must have PageRank.

3) The link must be followable. If you don’t know what this is, no problem. We will check all links and let you know if there is an issue.

4) The link must include “e-cigarette” or “electronic cigarette” in the text.

5) The link must be permanent.

6) Once the link is up, just email us a link to the page where it can be found. We will review it and send you the coupon code for a free 15 ml bottle of e-liquid. You can use it for our US made or Imported e-liquid. You will have to pay for shipping.

7) This offer is good for one free bottle per link, per domain. This offer is also subject to change.

8) That’s it. Happy vaping!

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2 Responses to Free Bottle Of E-Liquid For Bloggers

  1. fred says:

    i just started with e cigs i will put it on facebook for a free bottle

  2. michael todd hampton says:

    save the e cigarette. rush limbaugh just happened to be jn hawai.while he was having dinner the manager of this particular came over and asked him to refrain from smoking in the country club restaurant.rush replied im not smoking in your restaurant but rush replied im just vaping. we all know he wanted to stop smoking cigars.but back to the story the restaurant manager said he had people complaining about the smell of the e-cig which has no smell. so what rush does is keep on vaping as he lookked around the room he knew which patrons where watching him so no further action was taken.way to go my boy rush limbaugh

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