In the past we have always included 5 empty cartridges with our bottles of e-liquid. However, we have many customers who don’t want or need the additional cartridges. So we have separated out the empty cartridges from the bottles of e-liquid. This means we have reduced the pricing on our American made e-liquid!

If you would like to purchase empty cartridges for your Instead Electronic Cigarette, you must add them to your order separately. Our cartridges may fit other models of e-cigarettes, but we don’t make any guarantees. If your model is 4″ long when fully assembled, it is likely our cartridges will fit. We recommend you keep your old cartridges, so even if ours don’t fit, you can still refill your old cartridges with our e-liquid.

Please note that all our electronic cigarette kits still come with 5 empty cartridges.

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2 Responses to New Lower Pricing On American Made E-Liquid

  1. Atomiser says:

    I just bought the liquid nocotine. I read all the reveiws that say put the luquid on your atomizer.
    Well, Don’t mine isn’t working anymore. I have to get a new one because of the liquid!!!!

  2. D Hunt says:

    I Got A Drip Tip And Was Told The samething…However, I’ve Not Had A Problem At All…I Put Normally One To Two Drops ONLY- But, ONE Drop Will Allow You Aprox 20-30 Puffa Which Equils About 2-3 100 Full Flavored Cigs…Your Atomizer Can Be Washed With Water And Then You Blow The Water OUT From Both Ends…Then Use A Hair Blow Dryer On It To Dry It Out…Then I Set Mine Out In The Sun To Make Sure It Is Very Dry BEFORE USING It Again…You Still Mayne Able To Do This… Bive It A Try Then Email Me Back And Tell Did It Come Back To Life For Ya !!!??? GOOD Luck !!!d

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