We now offer empty cartomizers for sale! The cartomizer is a combination unit of a cartridge and a disposable atomizer. The cartomizer screws directly into the battery and just like the regular atomizer, is activated when you inhale. Cartomizers last longer than traditional cartridges, with a puff count equivalent to about 15 to 20 cigarettes. They are also easy to draw, as not as much force is needed to produce vapor since the disposable atomizer is in closer proximity to the cartridge wick than with a normal cartridge.

When filling your empty cartomizer for your electronic cigarette, make sure not to drip e-liquid into the center hole. As seen in the picture below, the e-liquid should be dripped onto the wick surrounding the center hole. It will take about 15 drops to fill. You will know it is filled when the wick is saturated. Don’t over fill the cartomizer (you will notice pooling of e-liquid on top) or the e-liquid will run out the bottom. If this happens, use a paper towel to clean up.

empty electronic cigarette cartomizer upright

After you have filled your e-cigarette cartomizer, place the clear rubber plug into the end. This helps prevents any excess e-liquid from escaping into your mouth. Then push the white plastic cap into the end. Shown below is the cartomizer, the clear rubber plug, and the white plastic cap.

e-cigarette cartomizer

We don’t recommend filling your cartomizer more than once, as the disposable atomizer inside is not meant to be used indefinitely. ┬áIf you are interested in trying out a cartomizer for your Instead Electronic Cigarette, visit Instead Empty Cartomizers.

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