As noted in an earlier post, the Illinois Legislature is attempting to ban the electronic cigarette from being sold in Illinois. But at a hearing this week in front of the Human Services Committee, it was decided that Committee members needed more time to become familiar with the topic before making any decisions. This was due to the many e-smokers who showed up in the Illinois Legislature to make their opinions about the electronic cigarette known. This included State Rep. Constance Howard, D-Chicago, who stated, “I just wish there was something like these around before my mother died”.

The Human Services Committee will once again take up the issue on April 21st, 2010 at 9:00AM in the Stratton Building Room D-1 in Springfield, IL. More information on the status of the Bill can be found here.

We encourage all Illinois residents to contact the members of the Human Services Committee and let them know about their experience with the technology and/or their feelings about their government banning one product while leaving it’s deadly alternative, tobacco cigarettes, freely on the market.

We also encourage all those able to show up at the hearing next Wednesday, April 21st in Springfield, IL to show their support.

To find out how to contact the appropriate Representatives, visit the Human Services Committee webpage.

One thought on “Illinois House of Representatives Needs More Info on E-Cigarettes

  1. they do have them here, but I have only heard of them through cocermmials on the radio.They do not sell it in the stores so you have to order them fromornomoreashes.comIf people refuse to quit this is the next best thing because supposidly it does not affect the people around them. I believe that you can even sit in non smoking restruants and use them because it emits not smoke or fumes but water vapor.Be careful. I have a friend from Japan, and his father was using it there.. he was so used to throwing his old used ciggarettes out the window that he threw this thing out the window *car window* when he was done.. its hard to quit the habbits that go along with the smoking, so be careful about that..

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