In 2009, Senator Corbett from California attempted to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes in California with SB400.  Likely for smokers switched e-smokers, Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed that Bill and noting,

While I support restricting access of electronic cigarettes to children under the age of 18, I cannot sign a measure that also declares them a federally regulated drug when the matter is currently being decided through pending litigation.

The classification of e-cigarettes is still being decided through pending litigation.  It is unclear what Senator Corbett thinks has changed.  However we can not rely on the Governor once again vetoing this new Bill. All Californian’s need to act. Senate Bill 882 states,

This bill would authorize action to halt the sale, distribution,
or offering for sale of electronic cigarettes that have not been
approved or cleared by the federal Food and Drug Administration.

If you live in California and use an electronic cigarette or know someone who does or don’t believe that the government should protect the tobacco cigarette market by limiting competition, please contact your Senator by visiting the California State Senate website and clicking “Your Senator” on the left side of the page. We recommend contacting your senator via phone, email, and snail mail if possible.

You may also wish to contact Governor Schwarzenegger and let him know about your experience with electronic cigarettes.

One thought on “Senator Corbett Once Again Trying To Limit Smokers Options In California

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