If you live in New York and use an electronic cigarette, you may soon find yourself limited to tobacco only. Even though tobacco cigarettes kill thousands of New Yorkers, the NY State Senate is pushing through a Bill that, “prohibits distribution or sale of any item containing or delivering nicotine that is not defined by law as a tobacco product or approved by the United States food and drug administration for sale as a tobacco use cessation or harm reduction product.”. To read the full Bill, visit NY is trying to ban the electronic cigarette.

You can leave comments on this website, but we recommend you contact (email, snail mail, and/or phone calls) your local representative directly. You can find your NY Senator here.

We also recommend you contact the members of the NY Senate Health Committee as the Bill banning electronic cigarettes has be referred to this committee. If you wish to email all the members of the Health Committee, their email addresses are:

farley@senate.state.ny.us, fuschill@senate.state.ny.us, hannon@senate.state.ny.us, johnson@senate.state.ny.us, jdklein@senate.state.ny.us, kruger@senate.state.ny.us , larkin@senate.state.ny.us, little@senate.state.ny.us, montgome@senate.state.ny.us, saland@senate.state.ny.us, sampson@senate.state.ny.us, scousins@senate.state.ny.us, athompso@senate.state.ny.us, valesky@senate.state.ny.us, winner@senate.state.ny.us, cyoung@senate.state.ny.us

So if you have personal experience with an electronic cigarette, know someone else who has, or just believe that the NY State Senate should not be limiting competition against tobacco cigarettes (number 1 killer in America), please write, email or call your elected officials and let them know about your story with e-cigarettes. If you would like additional information to send them, the ECA offers this electronic cigarette informational packet which can be sent, but personal stories work best.

2 thoughts on “New York Residents – Protect Your Right To Vape

  1. I have sent this letter to every one now you have a copy thansk

    Please do not let a band on e.cig go throw.
    You all ready know smoking tobacco is a killer.
    Us smoker need help to quite, and to be able to find safer alternatives
    e-cig have done this, as well as it helps from 2/hand smoke in our homes.
    Me as a long time smoker have in braced using a e-cig as a way to keep the toxins out of my home and my kids lungs.

    Remember this with out this alternative, it will be you that is putting 2/ hand smoke into the lungs of others. Yes you can blame the smokers like me. But its smokers like me that are trying to keep 2/hand smoke down.

    I am ok with smoking a lit cigarette, in faked I enjoy them better.
    I when to the e-cig for my kids and loved ones that do not smoke
    Yes I can get Nicotine patches and gum and other items. they are not the same they do not help with the habit of hand to mouth, of the feeling of inhaling of smoke. E-cig do this for us,

    For the none smokes e-cigs give no 2/hand smoke this is a win win.
    so why put in bands on a item that helps us and others.

    Is this just for you all want us to hang on to our old habits.
    So you all can keep taxing us to death along with the death of cancers that smoking brings. Just ones think of the people before you make laws.
    I beg you think this one throw. e-cig will save a ton of money in the long run now we have government health care.

    You all have you jobs for you wanted to help people. Do what you set out to do.
    and for get about the big tabacco Co. And the big drug Co. Think this time of the people you will save like the children in the homes of smokers.

    Thanks you
    Wayne J

  2. tell them how u feel but not agressively becuz tehyll take it the wrong way. dnt scare them with cold facts about wat smoking can do 2 them.do it wen yal r hanging out n kinda play around when u tell them not 2 smoke. ex: y yal smoke dem cancer stiks u no they bad 4 yal. or come up wit sumthin else

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