Three years ago almost nobody in North America had ever heard of an electronic cigarette.  Since then, smokers by the thousands have flocked to this new smoking technology.  Many long time smokers are finding out that the electronic cigarette is a great smoking alternative.  As one of our customers said,

“EXCELLENT PRODUCT! As a heavy smoker I have finally found something that actually works. The e-cigarette itself is a quality product, & this company’s customer service is unsurpassed. If you’re researching e-cig brands & companies to purchase from, you have found the best with Instead. Finally an alternative to quiting smoking has arrived.”

-Cathleen Peracchio-Butler

Beyond the numerous testimonials from e-cigarette users, there is also evidence of the rise of electronic cigarettes through search demand.  Below is a chart from Google Trends showing the relative increase in the amount of searches for both electronic cigarette and e-cigarette.  The chart below that shows the number of news stories for these terms.  Over the past three years, smokers have more than tripled the number of times they “Google” for this new smoking alternative.

Electronic Cigarette Trend

If you are a smoker, what are you waiting for? Try an electronic cigarette INSTEAD of tobacco cigarettes. Did I mention tobacco cigarettes are the NUMBER ONE KILLER in the USA?

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