As we mention in an earlier post, the American Association of Public Health Physicians has submitted two petitions to the FDA. The first asks the FDA to classify electronic cigarettes as reduced harm tobacco products. The second asks the FDA to hold a follow-up press conference to amend statements made at their July 22nd, 2009 press conference in which they potentially misled the public about the potential dangers of electronic cigarettes.

We encourage all e-smokers and those who believe in the technology, to first read the two AAPHP petitions and then make public comments about them to the FDA.

To make a comment on the first petition, asking the FDA to classify the electronic cigarette as a reduced harm tobacco product, visit this page and just fill in the blanks.

If you need ideas about how to express your opinions, read the points below:

  • the nicotine in the e-liquid is derived from tobacco, thus the FDA can legally reclassify and regulate the e-liquid as a tobacco product
  • a classification of e-cigarettes as “drugs” or “devices” would limit access, increase cost, and create an unfair market advantage for tobacco cigarettes
  • e-cigarettes as tobacco products would allow for reasonable regulations such as a ban on the sale to minors
  • federal Judge Richard Leon ruled that the FDA can regulate e-cigarettes as “tobacco products”, but not as “drugs” or “devices”
  • write about your personal experience using e-cigarettes or that of someone you know
  • To make a comment on the second petition, asking the FDA to amend their earlier statements about electronic cigarettes, visit this page and fill in the blanks.

    If you need ideas about how to express your opinions, first read How and Why the FDA Misled the Public and consider these points:

  • in contrast to claims made by the FDA, there is no evidence that e-cigarettes have harmed any user or nonuser
  • there is no evidence that e-cigarettes are marketed to youth
  • cigarette smokers have a right to truthful information
  • FDA officials have an ethical duty to protect consumer health and to provide truthful health risk information
  • write about your personal experience using e-cigarettes or that of someone you know
  • Please take the time to forward your thoughts to the FDA. It is important that truthful information, good or bad, is given to smokers so they can make their own choice.

    5 thoughts on “Comment on the AAPHP Petition to the FDA

    1. The FDA has approved many products that we well know are not good for our health. Why would they approve something that would help thousands and thousands to prevent death? I use the e-cigarette i feel great. But i dont feel that good knowing that our own government is trying to make this a harmful issue. I’m thinking tobacco industries will (are) loosing money and even so much more in the future. The hell with people getting healthy………I will pray that the devils will lose this one.

    2. The FDA doesn’t regulate what tobacco companies put in their products I don’t know why they are clamping down on e-cigarettes. nicotine is a drug and people should know what they are getting. tobacco companies put 500+ extra additives in tobacco and the FDA looks the other way. they need to rethink how they regulate drugs.

    3. I have quit smoking traditional cigarettes for 3months and have no desire to smoke again. My success is due to the e-cig. This has changed my life. This is a wonderful product. Could it be harmful?
      Sure it could. However, smoking traditional cigarettes was more harmful to my health,my families’ health and to the public. I can smoke in my home and at my desk when I’m at work. I smell the other smokers as they walk by and it’s disgusting. I can’t believe I did that for 20 years.

    4. I think ecigarettes are the BEST invnotien for smokers ever! All of the hand/mouth action and the comfort and fun of smoking, but none of the mess, smell, poisons and cancer causing effects. I have many different models of ecigarettes to keep me interested, and many different juice flavors. I even mix my own juice! Try it if you are a smoker who wants to kick the filthy habit for good!

    5. I hate the FDA. I have asthma, and I was using regular cigarettes everyday atleast a pack a day I could barely breath. I went and bought a e-cog cause I wanted to quit regular cigarettes, and ever since I have started smoking e-cigs my breathing has gotten sooo much better, I don’t feel sick anymore either. I love e-cigs they have saved my life!!! I hate that the FDA is pushing a ban on e-cigs even though regular cigarettes kill thousands of people, and teens every year. Good to know the government is looking out for our health. They could give a flying F. I bet the tabacco companies are paying the FDA to do this. Haha its funny cause its the same FDA that said if you smoke weed you will go insane and kill someone.

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