As many know, we have moved away from pre-filled cartridges and now offer empty cartridges with bottles of e-liquid to fill and refill your cartridges. We find this gives the best vaping experience and is less expensive and creates less waste.

We have continued to offer a small selection of pre-filled cartridges for those customers who want them, but our stock is now too low to offer individual packs of cartridges. So, we have grouped together our remaining pre-filled cartridges into a grab bag and are offering them at a reduced price. Included in this bundle of e-cigarette cartridges are:

-5 tobacco high
-1 tobacco medium
-2 tobacco low
-10 menthol high
-5 menthol medium
-9 menthol low
-5 menthol zero
-5 apple high
-4 apple medium
-11 orange medium

These cartridges will fit the Instead brand electronic cigarette and are compatible with many other brands. If your e-cigarette is 4″ long when fully assembled, then these cartridges will likely fit.

We will only be selling these cartridges as a bundle, not individually.

If you are interested in purchasing this grab bag of pre-filled e-cigarette cartridges, visit miscellaneous e-cigarette cartridges for more information.

UPDATE: This item has been sold, however you may be interested in our American Made E-Liquid, which comes with 5 empty cartridges. Keep you old cartridges so if ours don’t fit, you can fill your old ones!

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